Moving House Can I Stay With My GP

Moving House Can I Stay With My GP?

GP practices are within their rights to force you to move to a new GP practice, they have to be able to draw a line somewhere. But it can be upsetting moving to a new GP particularly if you have had the same one for a long time.

If you are moving house and not moving far then staying with your GP shouldn’t be a problem. You should always ask your GP if they are willing to continue treating you. The reason you need to notify your GP practice of an address move is your doctor will need to assure the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that they are willing to visit and treat you. 

You could try popping in and talking directly to your practice and as long as you are not too far away they might keep you on. It is generally up to your GP, but if you have a particularly good relationship with them they may be willing to make an exception.

What Should I Do If I Really Want To Stay With My GP?

The best thing to do is to have an open discussion with your practice, you can give your reasons why you want to stay with your GP. Honesty is the best policy with these situations and they may be willing to help you, especially if you have long-term mental or physical health issues.

Moving house can be very stressful, and your GP will understand that so they may even be willing to let you stay with them on a short term basis.

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