Shipping Your Pet

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Moving Your Pet to a New Home

If you are a pet owner who is planning to relocate overseas, you will naturally want to make sure that your canine, feline or avian friend is properly catered for during the journey to your destination and new home. Nowadays, shipping pet animals is relatively common – and usually very straightforward. At Brycefords Removals, we work with specialist partners who offer expert help to ease the logistics. Get in touch to find out how we can support your pet moving requirements

Animal Welfare

Your dog, cat or other animal companion(s) can be part of your straightforward move with Brycelands pet transport and shipping services. Whether your companion is of the furry, hairy or feathered variety, our relocation specialists will be glad to help. Often, they are dog, cat or bird owners themselves – so you can count on an understanding and caring service for Rover, Felix or Joey. Whatever his or her name, here at Brycelands Removals we guarantee to take proper care of your pet during the relocation.


Door to Door Service

When moving home with your pet cat, dog, bird or other animal, Brycelands provides you with a complete service from door to door. Our specialist pet consultants make all the required arrangements for flights overseas. As well as international shipping of your furniture and belongings, we simplify the arrangements by organising one single and convenient point of contact for the complete removal, including your pet.

At Brycelands, we understand that a healthy pet is a happy pet so, during the journey, we aim to ensure maximum possible comfort. He or she will have a purpose-built, made to measure travelling carrier with water bowls or dispensers during the trip from home to the airport – either via kennels or a cattery or, if you prefer, directly. Alternatively, for further details about shipping birds, please contact us.

Global Tracking

Wherever possible, we select the best flight, usually the shortest. Additionally, depending on your plans and the route, it may be possible to arrange for you to travel on the same aircraft as your pet. In all cases, from check-in to boarding and collection at the onward destination, we continue to supervise the journey closely. Working together with a trained animal transport consultant, your move manager will coordinate progress, to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Supporting Documentation

In addition to smoothing the check-in process, arranging boarding and tracking globally, we can also help with documentation when moving animals. In particular, it may be necessary to secure export health certificates or observe quarantine requirements. Whether it be import permits, customs clearance, pet passports, veterinary tests or owners' declarations, we offer timely support to ease the paperwork. Additionally, valuable pet protection insurance cover forms part of the service.

When you contact us to arrange your move, ask about family pets too. We will be delighted to oblige and include a quotation for your pet’s relocation, as well as for personal belongings and household effects. Please click here(-hyperlink) to contact us today.