Here at Brycelands, we want to ensure every step of your moving process is smooth. That’s why we support your move with our key tips for relocation.

Our comprehensive checklists provide you with expert advice and moving tips for all manner of moves – from an international change of home to a business relocation.
Below you’ll find three simple, straightforward versions of our Moving Checklist to follow, covering the period before your move, changing of addresses and documentation, and international moves.

Essential items that need attention:

  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Loans / HP agreements
  • Finalise bills and cover change of address
  • Notify bank and change details
  • Reduce frozen foods
  • Arrange change of GP
  • Arrange change of dentist
  • Register with schools and other
    institutions in your new area
  • Any special parking dispensations

Remember to notify the following ahead of your move:

  • Telephone & Broadband
  • Gas / electric
  • Water
  • Insurance
  • Credit cards / store cards
  • Council tax
  • Inland Revenue
  • Driving License & Log Book
  • TV licence

General Moving:

  • Transport for pets
  • Register with new vet
  • Key arrangements
  • Cancel home delivery orders
  • Dispose of unwanted items
  • Alarms – leave instructions and make sure vendor does the same for you
  • Packing – leave enough time for dismantling
  • Contact details – update friends and family
  • Window cleaner

Brycelands Moving Guide

The Quoting Process
Preparing to move home
Before you move

Free Moving Guide

From our generation of experience we have devised a free moving guide to assist you before, during and after your move. Download, print and keep this moving guide.

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