Here at Brycelands, we want to ensure every step of your moving process is smooth. That’s why we support your move with our key tips for relocation.

Our comprehensive checklists provide you with expert advice and moving tips for all manner of moves – from an international change of home to a business relocation.
Below you’ll find three simple, straightforward versions of our Moving Checklist to follow, covering the period before your move, changing of addresses and documentation, and international moves.

Essential items that need attention:

  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Loans / HP agreements
  • Finalise bills and cover change of address
  • Notify bank and change details
  • Reduce frozen foods
  • Arrange change of GP
  • Arrange change of dentist
  • Register with schools and other
    institutions in your new area
  • Any special parking dispensations

Remember to notify the following ahead of your move:

  • Telephone & Broadband
  • Gas / electric
  • Water
  • Insurance
  • Credit cards / store cards
  • Council tax
  • Inland Revenue
  • Driving License & Log Book
  • TV licence

General Moving:

  • Transport for pets
  • Register with new vet
  • Key arrangements
  • Cancel home delivery orders
  • Dispose of unwanted items
  • Alarms – leave instructions and make sure vendor does the same for you
  • Packing – leave enough time for dismantling
  • Contact details – update friends and family
  • Window cleaner

Brycelands Moving Guide

The Quoting Process
The overall cost of your removal will be based and compiled on the following factors:

  • The volume of your household contents which you require to be moved.
  • The distance and travel time between your old and new residences.
  • The ease of access at both your old and new residences.
  • The packing of your contents by our removal team.
  • Items that require special packing or protection.
At the time of the pre move survey you must show to the surveyor all of the household effects to be moved, not forgetting those items in the loft space, garden and garage. The surveyor will discuss with you the access situation at the delivery address and also the packing requirements for the move. He will discuss in full with you the overall move schedule and based on this information will compile the quotation for your removal. It is essential that you point out to the surveyor any building alterations that have been made at the origin address since you moved in, that may cause problems removing some of the larger items from that address.
Preparing to move home
If you decide to pack your own contents, we strongly advise that you commence the sorting and packing well before the removal date. If you require us to supply packing materials you should arrange with us that these materials are delivered two to three weeks before the actual move date. Please do not fall into the trap of thinking that you will be able to pack and prepare your goods, the day before the move.

Briefly note the contents on the outside of each carton you pack and from which room the items came from. This will help you should you need to find something in a hurry.
  • Do not pack any documents that may be required prior to the move or whilst your effects are in our care (Passports, Vehicle Registration House Sale/ Purchase).
  • Do not pack valuables in with the household effects to be moved by us, as items such as jewellery and cash will be specifically excluded from any transit insurance cover. All valuables including cash, should be hand carried by you personally on the day of the move.
  • Do not overfill or make cartons too heavy, if you can’t lift the box then our removal staff probably can’t either.
  • Do not pack the children’s favourite toys
  • If you have lots of books, these should be packed into smaller cartons. We can supply special book cartons if required.
  • Ensure that all of the cartons are securely sealed with strong tape covering all of the seams.
Please note that if you have agreed with us that you will pack your own goods yourself, and this has not been completed by the actual move date, any delay to the agreed move schedule will be subject to a delay charge.
Before you move
Once your completion date has been confirmed you should notify us immediately to confirm and agree the move schedule. You should then inform all necessary parties of your moving date and your new address. We would suggest that you arrange with the Post Office to forward all mail to your new home once you have moved, this needs to be applied for approximately 7 days prior to vacating. Arrange to have your Gas and Electricity metres read on the day you move. We will do all within our power to ensure that the moving vehicle and crew arrive at the loading and delivery addresses at the agreed time, but please remember that they are subject to traffic delays as well. All of our drivers have mobile phones, and they have all been instructed to notify any client when they become aware that they will be delayed arriving at either the origin or delivery addresses.

Free Moving Guide

From our generation of experience we have devised a free moving guide to assist you before, during and after your move. Download, print and keep this moving guide.

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