Well, you might not think moving house affects your car insurance but you would be wrong about that. Your postcode is taken into account when they set your premiums so it is important that you notify your insurance company of any changes.

Local crime rates are taken into account and of course, the roads in that area may be deemed riskier. Your insurance could rise  (or fall) if you are moving somewhere deemed less risky so you might actually benefit from the change of address. 

Also, your insurer will want to know if you park your car on the roadside or off-road in a private drive. Off-street parking will always result in cheaper insurance. 

Insurer Fees

Be prepared to pay a small fee for changes made to your policy usually around £25.00. It is important you do not try to avoid this charge by not updating your insurer about your move it could invalidate your insurance and you may not get a payout on a claim. Maybe when you change address it is time to shop for a new insurer but no doubt you have enough to think about while moving house. 

Your insurance will increase or decrease depending on whether you pay your fee yearly or monthly. Generally, you will be able to pay a one-off fee to keep the premium the same.

V5C Logbook 

Another important thing to remember is to change your address on your Log Book / V5C document. This registers your vehicle with the DVLA and you need this when selling the vehicle the address associated with the vehicle and road tax. It is essential to keep it up to date or you could see documents and penalties going to the wrong address.

Your V5C Logbook is very easy to change, just fill out section 6 sign and date section 8 and then send it to the DVLA in Swansea at the below address, alternatively, you can change it online by clicking this link:

Send your V5C section 6 to this address:

SA99 1AR

Driving Licence

While we are here talking about your vehicle insurance make sure you update your driver’s license address details. Amendments can be made online at the above link at www.gov.uk and a new license should arrive within a week.

Changing the address on your driving licence is free and you can continue to drive whilst you are waiting for it to arrive.

Contact our removals experts today who can help you through every step of the moving process. If you are unsure of what you need to change or update then use our moving house checklist and avoid missing anything!