Moving home is rated as one of the greatest stressors in life, up there with divorce and a death in the family. One of the key factors to a successful move is taking advantage of the personalised services on offer that takes your specific needs into account, such as storage, unpacking, and handyman services, while tailoring the entire service to make it manageable for you. Planning properly will also ease the pressure, so give yourself enough time to get organised.

Here is the lowdown on how to make your move as successful and stress-free as possible.

Before You Choose a Furniture Removal Company

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning your move. It is always best to book your removals company at least one month in advance. This is critical to aligning the dates of exiting one property and entering another. If you have children in school, you may need to plan your move around the school planner to avoid missed tests.

So, start planning two months ahead of your desired move date. If necessary, include the option to store your furniture, particularly if it is a long-distance move. Taking a breather in a hotel for a day or two before moving into your new home can help your frazzled nerves recover from the furniture removal process and the long trip before you get to the unpacking. Make a list of all the services that need to be disconnected or transferred, like Wi-Fi.

Thereafter, do some research on furniture removal companies in your area. You should compare what their service entails and which extras are worth the money. You will not always be comparing apples with apples, so you need to factor that into a comparison of quotes. Don’t forget to ask about insurance options. That said, if you choose Brycelands, know that we will charge appropriately and not overprice our services. We have GPS tracking of our vehicles, and our trained employees are always cheerful and neatly dressed in the company uniform.

Taking the Stress Out of Moving

When you are moving house, it is a big event. Being organised and staying calm will help you be better prepared for the big day. Try to arrange for a day or two of leave on either side of your removal date. This will allow you to see to services and utilities that need to be disconnected or installed at the two properties and become familiar with the new routes to schools and work.

Make sure that you change your address at all the companies you do business with, such as your bank, and that all services are carried over correctly. Gather all your personal documents into a set of folders and box these for taking with you.

While furniture removal will also include moving items such as your invoices for the past five years, you do need to keep vehicle licences, insurance documents, information on medical conditions, and identification documents with you. Make sure you have enough chronic medication on hand if you have anyone with medical conditions in the family.

What We Can Do for You

It can be helpful to make the most of our additional services that are available to take the headache out of moving. Having your fragile items, paintings, etc., wrapped for you can be a great stress reliever. You may also need to arrange for some items to be stored temporarily, e.g., overnight while staying in a hotel if you can only move in the next day. Be flexible, as there is a chain of people ahead and behind you, all trying to find the best date to move. This is why you should book at least a month in advance.

Determine who will be packing up your home. This can be done completely for you ( read about our packing services here ) and is advisable if you have a health condition or suffer from back pain. If you do your own packing, follow a guide on how to do it correctly. Allow plenty of time, pack one room at a time, and use a system for labelling, such as colour coding for different rooms. Don’t overpack boxes and use bubble wrap, sheets and blankets to protect your more fragile items.

If you recycle, then you will be pleased to know that, at Brycelands in Hertfordshire, we only use packing materials that are friendly to the environment. We also offer handyman services, which can be useful for closing unsightly holes where you had pictures hanging, etc.

There are options like maid services, which is great for getting the dust removed, having beds made up and ready to sleep in after the long travel, and packing your clothing away. These tips will help you to plan well and to achieve your move with the maximum ease.

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The Brycelands Experience

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