When you have purchased a new house it is vital to think about securing your new property before moving. 

When deciding on how best to protect your new home, you’ll have to balance cost, safety, and threat level without causing any inconvenience to your everyday life. 

So, to help you decide, the following guide provides our five top tips for securing your new property:

Change The Locks

How do you know that you have been handed all the keys to your new home? The previous residents may have lost keys or given spare keys to relatives and friends who forgot to give them back. This puts your property at risk of being accessed without your permission.

In addition, the locks at your new property may not be working efficiently; locks that are hard to open can be hard to lock, leaving you with an un-secure property. 

So, calling upon a professional locksmith can help resolve all these issues and make your house safe.

Install Security Lighting

Installing outdoor security lighting, either manual lights that you switch on or lights set off by movement makes burglars visible, which generally deters them. However, ensure to direct these lights downwards to avoid annoying your new neighbours.

For indoor lighting, you want to trick burglars into thinking someone is home, even when your home is vacant. You can buy timers that turn lights on and off, alongside radios and TVs. Just ensure to sync these devices around your home; for example, switching off the TV ten minutes before the lights in the living room.

Security Cameras

These days installing CCTV is not reserved for big businesses guarding their premises. You can purchase a doorbell camera that is connected to your device through Wi-Fi so if you have any intruders in view a picture or video is sent directly to the palm of your hand. Door cameras are not very expensive and some have the added benefit of being able to speak to delivery people when you are not in.

Securing your new property by installing cameras is the perfect security strategy.

New Item Packaging

When you move into your new house you may have to populate it with new appliances.

If you buy new appliances such as a TV and kitchen equipment for your home, take the packaging to your local recycling or rubbish point. Leaving large boxes with Samsung 50″ Ultra HD outside in a new area could advertise to potential thieves that your new property is full of brand new expensive appliances. Under no circumstance should you leave boxes advertising your new 50’ TV outside your home!

Secure Your Garden

Gardens can be an excellent burglar deterrent; they can make it more difficult for burglars to approach without alerting the homeowner. 

If your new property has a garden, ensure to trim the hedges back, so your property is not hidden from view. It is also a good idea to do some defensive gardening. For example, you can plant shrubs with thorns at the borders of your home to stop burglars hiding in them. 

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