Moving offices is an exciting time. However, the moving process involves considerable organisation and can be hugely stressful for those coordinating it. As a result, some companies choose to remain in cramped, expensive facilities to avoid the hassle.

The following tips will help make your move fast, efficient, and stress-free:

Give yourself plenty of planning time 

Regardless of how big your company is, office relocations need detailed preparation and planning. You can’t “wing it” when moving office spaces. It is best to decide who is doing what, the moving date, and the time frame for the move. In addition, it is good to assign a realistic budget to the relocation, ensuring it covers the cost of hiring movers.

You’ll also need to plan where items will go when you arrive at your new office space. Use a blueprint to gain an understanding of the office and common space layouts. 

To ensure you have enough time to execute your office move, set aside a few months for planning time and a couple of months to get everything set up.

Communicate with your employees

Successful office relocations require a team effort. It is imperative to communicate with your employees when relocating offices, ensuring to keep them up-to-date with time schedules and moving plans. Remember to also inform your staff of the new address, new building rules, and unpacking arrangements at the new location. 

Encourage your employees to create a moving checklist to ensure all areas are covered, and no items get lost in the move.

Assign a move manager

Appointing a manager to oversee your office move is essential. They can facilitate and follow up on each step to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

The manager should be highly organised, excellent at communication, and experienced with budgeting. Administrative assistants are usually best suited to this role, but an individual who has helped with commercial relocations before would also be a great fit.

Protect your data

You never know what could happen to your hardware and files during the relocation process. So it is essential to back up and protect your data from loss and breach when moving to avoid losing crucial documents to damaged hard drives and servers.

De-clutter your office space 

You don’t want to move to a new office space with unused items. Evaluate what needs to be moved and decide what to discard or donate; shred unnecessary papers, remove old files, recycle old furniture and donate or sell old equipment. 

Although many charities accept old office furniture, don’t assume your chosen charity will be able to coordinate a last-minute pickup or drop off. The same applies to securely disposing of electronic equipment. 

Decide what items you’re keeping and what you’re discarding well before moving to ensure you leave yourself sufficient time to drop them off at a charity shop, or schedule for them to be picked up from your premises.

Update your address 

It is essential to inform your suppliers and customers about your new company address, relocation date, and when your business will resume working. Update your website, letterhead, business cards, and all social media platforms. In addition, contact Google to have your address changed before relocating.

Hire a professional moving company

Hiring a moving company will help facilitate a smooth office move. Moving companies have the resources and expertise needed to ensure the relocation process is flawless. 

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