Traditionally, the Twelfth Night or the 5th/6th of January is when we pack our Christmas decorations away. So, who better to give some tips for packing your Christmas decorations safely than our expert packers at Brycelands packing service?

While it might seem like a daunting task, taking the time to pack your decorations safely can help protect any delicate items from damage and ensure you won’t be searching through piles of boxes next season trying to find specific decorations.

Step by Step Guide for Packing Christmas Decorations Safely

Here are some tips to help you pack away your Christmas decorations safely and efficiently:

Assemble the Supplies – To ensure that your decorations will be adequately packed, it is important to gather all the supplies you need beforehand. This includes boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, newspapers or any other materials necessary for protecting fragile items.

Sort Through Decorations – Once you have the supplies ready, you should assess which decorations need to be packed and which can be stored in their current form. This is a great time to get rid of any broken or damaged decorations as well.

Wrap Fragile Items – Use bubble wrap, tissue paper or newspaper to protect fragile items such as glass ornaments. This will help prevent them from being scratched or broken during storage or transportation.

Label Boxes Clearly – Make sure to clearly mark each box with what it contains so that you don’t have to open multiple boxes looking for one item in the future. This will also help when you are unpacking and organising your decorations next year.

Properly Fill Boxes – Use packing materials such as paper and bubble wrap to fill in any gaps between decorations within boxes and ensure that they don’t move around in transit or storage.

Keep a Record of Everything Packed – It’s a good idea to keep a list of all the decorations that you pack away for easy reference in the future.

christmas tree packed away

Benefits of Packing Christmas Decorations Safely

Packing your Christmas decorations properly comes with many benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of damages and losses: Boxed decorations will be better protected against drops, bumps and other damages when being moved or stored away.
  • Easier access to stored items: Labeling boxes will make it easier to find the items you are looking for when unpacking.
  • Space savings: Properly packed boxes can be stacked neatly in storage spaces, freeing up more space for other items.
  • Easier to transport: If you are considering moving house the last thing you want when it comes to Christmas after a move is to find all your decorations damaged. 

Overall, packing away your Christmas decorations with these tips will make next Christmas less of a chore to decorate your home.


By taking the time to pack your Christmas decorations safely and efficiently, you can ensure that they will be well protected during storage and make for easier access when it’s time to celebrate again next year.

Make sure to gather all necessary supplies, assess which decorations need packing, wrap any fragile items, label boxes clearly, properly fill boxes and keep a record of what you pack. The benefits of packing Christmas decorations safely are numerous, from reducing the risk of damage to saving space in storage areas. So this season, take the time to pack away your Christmas decorations safely for a stress-free holiday next year.

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