It’s not an easy process when you decide to take on a major renovation project in your house. Whilst it is exciting to imagine what the end results will look like, before that happens you must be prepared for the chaotic process leading up to that.

You probably have a few major reservations when taking on this kind of project, and rightly so, but one of the most common issues people share is not knowing what to do with all their furniture and other items. If you leave everything lying around, your builders (and you, if you’re really taking a DIY approach) will probably struggle to move around, set up equipment and get the work done. This can be unsafe as well as messy, and your possessions may be at risk of damage.

In response, you may be advised to hire some form of storage solution. This is generally the best way to preserve your furniture and other items, keeping them free from dust, paint and other hazards. Container storage may well be the best option for you, as there are many benefits associated with this choice.

Usually, container storage units are made from metal, or they may be wooden like our own high-quality modular units. We have a secure warehouse where your unit can be protected  24 hours a day by CCTV systems. You can arrange to access your unit at any time. In some cases, people may prefer to keep their unit on their own property.

Whether you have your unit on your property or kept at a secure site, it’s very straightforward to get all your items transported to and from your home. You can use a storage container for your furniture, decorations and all other items, as they’re extremely robust and will protect all your items from getting damaged, provided everything is packed away carefully and safely. Please feel free to contact us about this service if you’d like to hear more about what we offer.

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