Living in Hertfordshire has always been an appealing choice, thanks to its lush countryside, historical charm, and proximity to the bustling heart of London. For those seeking a quieter life while maintaining accessibility to the capital, Hertfordshire offers an ideal solution with its stunning commuter towns. Let’s explore some of the best commuter towns Hertfordshire.

How Far is Hertfordshire from London?

Hertfordshire’s edge is just a stone’s throw away from London, with some Hertfordshire commuter towns mere miles from the capital’s boundary. The closest town, Cheshunt, is just 17 miles from Central London, allowing a swift drive or train journey.

On the other hand, the furthest town, Buntingford, sits at a distance of around 40 miles. Depending on your location and mode of transport, commutes can range from twenty minutes to a little over an hour.

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Why Hertfordshire Appeals to London’s Workforce

Hertfordshire has increasingly become a prime choice for London’s workforce. But what’s driving this trend?

For starters, it’s the quality of life that these towns offer. They strike an enviable balance between the serenity of the countryside and the buzz of the high street. Wide open spaces, historical landmarks, and good primary schools and secondary schools make them ideal for families.

Then there’s the financial aspect. Property prices in Hertfordshire, while not cheap, are more affordable than the heart of London. This means more space for your pound – a luxury that’s hard to come by in the capital.

And finally, it’s the sense of community. These towns have rich histories and close-knit communities. Weekend farmers’ markets, local festivals, and community events are common sights. While London has its charm, the camaraderie of a smaller town is hard to replicate.

So, if you’re part of the London workforce seeking a change of pace without sacrificing convenience, Hertfordshire might just be your next stop.

Hertfordshire’s Green Spaces

Amidst its commuter advantages, Hertfordshire also offers an abundance of green spaces. The county has several parks, woodlands, and open spaces – often termed its ‘green lungs’, providing a refreshing contrast to the concrete jungle of London. For every brisk train journey or bustling motorway, there’s a quiet woodland path or a serene riverside walk to balance it out.

For example, the enchanting Ashridge Estate spreads across 5,000 acres with ancient woodlands and chalk downlands. Or the Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage is a hotspot for water sports enthusiasts and leisurely strollers alike.

Plus, these green spaces aren’t just for weekend walkers. Many residents incorporate them into their everyday routines, whether that’s a morning jog or an after-work stroll. They provide the physical space for outdoor activities and the mental space for unwinding after a hectic day.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the best commuter towns in Hertfordshire.

St Albans

Distance to Central London: 22 miles

Just 20 minutes on a train will see you from St Albans to London St Pancras, with excellent transport links. Historically rich, the town boasts the magnificent St Albans Cathedral and the remains of Roman walls. With an array of independent shops, delightful eateries, and green spaces, it offers a perfect blend of urban and rural living.

Welwyn Garden City

Distance to Central London: 20 miles

Taking its place as one of the country’s first ‘Garden Cities’, Welwyn ensures its residents aren’t short of green spaces. And a direct train to Kings Cross will have you in the capital city within half an hour. Meanwhile, the wide boulevards and neo-Georgian homes paint the perfect picture of tranquillity.

Bishop’s Stortford

Distance to Central London: 30 miles

Bishop’s Stortford is a delightful haven for those wanting to escape the city rush. Nestled along the River Stort, its picturesque views are complemented by a wealth of amenities. Catching a train? You will find yourself at London Liverpool Street within 40 minutes, making those morning commutes a breeze.


Distance to Central London: 20 miles

Hoddesdon offers a lovely blend of old and new, with its historic town centre and modern facilities. The town’s Lee Valley Park is a delightful retreat for nature enthusiasts. If you are looking to commute to London, Liverpool Street is just a 30-minute train wide away.


Distance to Central London: 25 miles

Situated between Luton and St Albans, Harpenden is a green haven with its expansive commons. Perfect for families and those seeking peaceful surroundings, its train service ensures that you are at St Pancras within half an hour.


Distance to Central London: 30 miles

A quaint market town set alongside the Grand Union Canal, Berkhamsted is steeped in history, boasting a 12th-century castle ruin. Hop onto a train, and you’ll be at London Euston in roughly 35 minutes, making it an attractive hub for daily commuters.


Distance to Central London: 33 miles

Hitchin, with its historic market square and vibrant community spirit, is a true gem. Its cobbled streets and weekly markets bring character to everyday life. For those who are travelling to the capital, the direct line to Kings Cross takes about 20 minutes.

The allure of Hertfordshire lies not just in its proximity to London, but also in the quality of life that it offers. Each town has a unique character and ensures that residents never have to compromise. Be it the hustle of the capital or the serenity of the countryside, living in Hertfordshire truly provides the best of both worlds.

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