Whether it is how to safely lift heavy objects, how to pack fragile items or ensuring that your new home is secure, there are many things to think about during a move to a new property.

At Brycelands, we believe that one of your top priorities when moving property should be the creating a safe environment to live in. Read our simple guide on how to protect your new home against intruders and boost your residential security.

Befriend Your Neighbours

Having neighbours who are in during the day will help to make your home a higher risk to break into. Your neighbours will know the area better than you and might keep a watch over your property while you are away. It is important that you make an effort to be friendly and get to know your neighbours, a good neighbour will take action if they see anything suspicious happening in the surrounding area of your new home.

Assess Potential Points of Entry for Intruders

Before moving into your new house, you should evaluate how easy it is for a burglar to enter your home. We recommend placing plants in your garden and near windows to make it more difficult for unwanted guests to get into your property. Be careful your plants aren’t too big as these could also provide the ideal hiding place for intruders. Do not put any valuable household items on show and do not leave packaging from any newly purchased items lying around. We advise that you dispose of packaging as soon as possible and keep it out of sight. Adding lighting to your property is another method of preventing intruders from entering your house. Security lights often come with motion sensors which will alert you of anyone of is near your property.

Install a Security System

A security system can also keep your new home secure; it can protect valuables, discourage burglars, and allows remote monitoring of your property. You should consider whether your security system includes an alarm, motion sensors, and carbon monoxide detector but make sure you decide on a system that suits your requirements and will protect family members from the intrusion of burglars.

Secure Your Windows and Doors

Remember to lock your windows and doors when you are not in your new property. These are two easy ways burglars can gain access to your home. The design of a window is sometimes weak and fragile and these are also one of the most common entry points for intruders. The use of locks and shatter-proof glass can help to make your windows more secure. You might not think that a front door would be an obvious method of entrance for an intruder, but it is worth checking how strong the frame is. If your front door does not already have a deadlock or peep-hole, we suggest you get one installed in your new home straight away.

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