At some point when you’re planning to move out of your house, you’re going to have to think about shifting all of the furniture you’re keeping. This typically includes a lot of bulky and heavy items that are not really designed to be moved by one person. So how are you supposed to handle this?

Of course, you may not be doing this alone – hopefully you will have friends and family around to help. If you’re using a professional housing removal service, they will certainly be able to assist with packing up your large items and furniture for storage or transport to your new home.

However, in any case, if you’re helping to move heavy objects you need to follow a sensible procedure. Otherwise, you run the risk of serious injury, which isn’t something you ever want to deal with – let alone when you’re in the middle of moving homes.

In order to move heavy items safely and efficiently, approach the task as follows:

1) Measure and examine. You don’t need any exact dimensions, as you can see whether an item is too big to physically hold. You need a good estimate of its weight, however, to decide whether that’s realistic for you. Look for any weak spots on the object which it shouldn’t be carried by, and check for somewhere you can easily grip it.

2) Plan your route. You need to know exactly where you’re about to move the item so that you can put it down quickly. Clear a path and avoid tripping hazards.

3) Get the right posture. Start with some initial stretches. You should have a wide stance, and never bend your back to reach down. Instead, bend your knees to squat down with a straight back.

4) Make a move. Once you have hold of the item, get up slowly. Keep that back straight while you move! Keep the item close to your body and never above you. If you need to get round tight corners, try not to twist your body round.

5) Place the item. Again, do not lower the item to the floor by bending over. Use your leg muscles to squat down again and lower it all the way before letting it go gently.

Bearing all these tips in mind should help you lift medium to large sized objects and furniture out of your old home and into you new one, or between rooms when you’re just getting organised. If you need more help, always ask someone else! You can also contact us for more help and advice on everything to do with removals.

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