Moving homes or apartments takes a great deal of planning and organising. From dismantling furniture to boxing up glassware, you need to set aside ample time to ensure the move runs smoothly.

It is essential to set a realistic moving budget. Relocating homes can be expensive. Alongside mortgage and deposit costs, you need to spend money on estate agents, conveyancers and pay the fees to change utility providers. 

Your moving budget also needs to include the costs of insuring valuable items. For example, on moving day, valuables can get lost and dropped in transit, so it is essential to insure your valuables and hire a good removals company to help transport them safely.

Are you moving homes and worried about your valuables getting damaged? Here is everything you need to consider:

Creating an inventory

It is a good idea to make a list of your valuable items in advance of moving day. Compiling an inventory will ensure they are all accounted for and help you to take the necessary precautions. You’ll be particularly grateful for the inventory when you begin unpacking. 

So what exactly does the term valuables mean? Valuables can include almost anything from electronics to heirlooms. So when thinking about the valuable items you own, you need to consider which items you have in your possession which you can’t afford to lose or break.

When creating an inventory, include the dimension and weight of each item; this will help you buy the correct sized packing boxes. It is also a good idea to note down which boxes contain which items to make unpacking easier. 

It is essential to take photos of your belongings in case you need to make a home insurance claim. You should also keep all documentation related to your valuables in a folder, such as warranty cards and proof of authenticity. 

Buying insurance for your valuables

It is a good idea to insure any precious items. Although professional removal companies usually provide goods in transit insurance, you may still need to take out an additional insurance policy. 

If you have already insured your valuables, discuss the move with your insurance provider; it may turn out that your current policy does not cover it. Your removal company should also be able to let you know if you need to take out an additional insurance policy. 

If you don’t use a professional removals company, remember that transporting your vehicles in your vehicle without adequate protection may invalidate your insurance.

Packaging your valuables

Adequate padding is key to protecting valuable items, particularly the more fragile pieces. Unfortunately, newspapers won’t always provide enough protection for your valuables, so always use high-quality packing materials.

  • Cardboard boxes: Ensure to use well-sized sturdy boxes. Whilst you can get free moving boxes, they may be too fragile to protect your valuables adequately. 
  • Cushioning: It is essential to pad your belongings with packing peanuts and bubble wrap to reduce any risk of damage. 
  • Antiques: Ensure to use tarps or sheets to wrap up valuable antiques in addition to padding them with bubble wrap, as minor scratches can significantly reduce their worth. 

Hiring a removals company

Ultimately, the best way to keep your valuables safe during a move is to hire a professional moving company. They will ensure your valuables are packed and transported safely and cover the costs of replacing any damaged items. 

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