Do you want to know a secret about moving home?

It doesn’t have to be stressful or lots of hassle! If you have had an experience like this around a house move, then rest assured that there is one easy way to avoid it in the future – plan out a moving strategy in advance.

Taking the time to plan your moving strategy before the big day will enable you to enjoy the moving experience and make it go smoothly. If you follow the simple tips below, you will move houses like a pro and be ready to enjoy your new property to its full extent.

Get planning early

Most people will have at least a month or two’s notice of any planned move. This is plenty of time to get organised and get your strategy in place. This is the best tip we can give, but is sadly one that most people forget about! The first thing to do is get your pen or electronic device out to start making some checklists.

These checklists are vital to making sure you have done all you need to and nothing is forgotten during the move. They will help you make sure all the objects you want to move are accounted for and all the jobs you need to do beforehand are sorted out. Tick the different items on your checklists off as you do them, so you know exactly where you are up to.

To pre-pack or not to pre-pack? That is the question

When drawing your checklists up, it is wise to have a different one for each room in your home. Split each of these checklists into sections for items that can be pre-packed anytime or need to be done on the day of the move itself. Needless to say, you should check these lists regularly and when you leave your old house to make sure everything on them is done.

Let the removal people know the plan

When your removal company arrives, make sure to let them know of your plans. Give them clear instructions on which rooms to start in and an individual list of what needs to be packed for each room. It is also wise to label each box before it is moved so you know where it should go in the new property.

A great tip is to make sure each room of the old house has the right moving supplies in for fast work. From boxes to tape and scissors, think about what will be needed and place it in every room. Remember to include rest breaks for all the removal people and yourself, so no-one gets overworked or poorly.

Getting a strategy in place is vital

Making sure you have a pre-planned moving strategy that everyone involved is aware of is essential. It will not only make the move easier but ensure the transition to the new home is seamless.

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