A well-maintained book collection is a thing of beauty. No matter what you like to read, there are few sights more stirring than a packed bookshelf.

That said, as the top removal company in Hertfordshire, we can tell you that your book collection, as fine as it may be, does have one drawback – at least as far as moving house is concerned. Books are heavy! You don’t think about it when they’re on your shelf, but come moving day, a standard packing crate filled with books would be a two-man job on its own, and all that weight in one place runs the risk of damaging the books themselves.

Below are some tips to make moving your book collection easier and safer, no matter how big it might be.

Little by little

We’ve said a packing crate full of books is hard to shift, so why not break your collection up into smaller sections? Various box manufacturers produce small packing boxes that comfortably hold around 30 or 40 paperbacks, or about half as many hardbacks. Sure, it might result in a lot of boxes, but you know you won’t be putting your back out moving them.

Lining, packing, and taping

Your boxes should be lined with packing paper, to protect your hardback books, and their dust covers. These heavier books should go at the bottom, with smaller books tucked in and around them to fill up the space as effectively as possible. Don’t be afraid to mix hardbacks with paperbacks – whatever it takes to lend the box greater structural integrity. Even these small boxes will be deceptively heavy, so don’t scrimp on the packing tape to keep it all together.

Wheeled suitcases

Alternatively, if you have any wheeled suitcases, why not pack your books into them and just wheel them in and out of the removal van? Any clothes can go into packing crates, since the worst that will happen to them is that they pick up a crease here or there, which is nothing to panic about.

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