International Removals

Packing furniture for an overseas move

Here at Brycelands Removals and Storage, we offer the best removals service and storage units in Hertfordshire and are regularly called on by those who are preparing for a move overseas but want to keep some possessions in UK storage.

Although we don’t offer a moving service abroad, we are experts at packing. So, if you’re relocating to pastures new and are in need of some packing tips, take a look at our suggestions below.

If you don’t need it, leave it

Shipping furniture and other bulky items overseas is an expensive business. While it’s natural to want as much of your old life with you when moving abroad, look at it as a chance to declutter. Is that dining table really that important? Are those bookshelves completely irreplaceable? Be harsh, and only take items you could not live without.

Break it up

Most shipping companies tend to charge by weight or size. There’s not much you can do about the former, but by dismantling your furniture into its smallest constituent parts, you can drastically reduce the amount of space it takes up, and the subsequent cost to you for transporting it. It’s advisable to take photos beforehand of the complete piece. Not only will this assist you when it comes time to put it all back together again, but it is also proof of the condition of your furniture, in case it gets damaged in transit.

Pack it in

When it comes to wrapping, packing, and labelling your furniture prior to transit, do not skimp. Crumpled up newspapers between the cupboard doors to prevent rattling might be fine for a 50-mile move down the road but won’t provide sufficient protection for a delivery that crosses time zones.

If your move abroad is only temporary, why not avoid the hassle and expense of shipping entirely by keeping your furniture in one of our storage units in Hertfordshire? At Brycelands Removals and Storage, we have a number of facilities and offer flexible and non-contractual packages that are the perfect solution for any non-permanent storage needs. Call us today on 0800 772 0799 for a free quote.