Tips for moving in together

The first time you move into a house with your partner is tremendously exciting, and rightly so. However, if you’re not adequately prepared, it can also prove to be a stressful time in your relationship – constant arguments alongside moving house is also something you need to avoid. There are important things you both need to talk about before the move, whether it be to a new property, or whether one of you is moving in with the other in their existing home.

At Brycelands Removals & Storage, we are experts at residential removals in Hertfordshire and have assisted hundreds of couples to move into their first home together. Here are some useful tips to help things run smoothly.


This might be the first time, as a couple, that you’ve had to discuss the subject of money, and it’s important to be honest in terms of income and outgoings. Living together is a costly affair, and you may have plans for your new home that will involve financial responsibility from both parties.

The big list

Go through your belongings as individuals and find out how much of your stuff is now duplicated by your partner. Do you really need two toasters or four lava lamps? As well as duplicates, just preparing the list is an ideal time to get rid of some of the other clutter you’ve built up over the years.

Choose a home

Perhaps the biggest questions is whether one of you is moving in with the other, or are you going to move into a new house as a couple?


Whichever you decide, you should put your own touch on your new home, both individually and as a couple. If you are moving into your partner’s current residence, why not agree on redecorating at least one important room – the main bedroom, say – so that it is definitively yours as a couple?

When starting your new life together, get in touch with Brycelands Removals & Storage for your free moving quote. We are experts at residential removals in Hertfordshire and we will do our best to make moving day go smoothly.

Planning a Smooth and Safe Summer Move

Moving home can be super stressful, and exhausting, and the summer heat can definitely compound that. However, follow our guidelines and you’ll be hard-pressed to go too far wrong. 

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful if you’ve done plenty of research, planning and are using the right residential and business removals company in Hertfordshire. 

Use the Best Part of the Day

The coolest part of any summer day is always going to be the morning, so in order to have the smoothest and easiest summer move possible, you’re going to want to make use of the morning.

No one wants to be hauling TVs or sofas around in the mid-afternoon heat, so try and get all the heavy stuff done while it’s still fairly cool. Making proper use of the morning is always going to be a calmer and more relaxed way to get the move over and done with anyway, although it might not feel like it when you’re trying to get up at half six!

Plan Plenty

One of the big reasons why moving home is so inherently stressful is all the different elements that go into it. With so many important elements shifting around, even if just one thing goes wrong, it can be a big inconvenience. Think about what needs to be done, and when, and pick the right company.

That’s why planning properly and having contingencies for any of the obvious things going wrong is crucial. If you’ve got a couple of checklists, all the right numbers in your phone, and you know the layout of the day properly, summer heat or no summer heat, it’s going to be a lot easier. 

Stick to the Plan, and Rest Easy

Importantly, once you’ve got a plan, you need to stick to it on the day. Don’t let yourself flap and panic, stick vigilantly to the plan, and relax. As long as you know you’ve thought of virtually everything, and you’re sticking to your checklists, everything is going as well as it possibly can do. 

Stay Hydrated 

In the heat, you need to make sure you’re staying hydrated. On busy days like this, where you’re distracted and potentially neglecting your own needs, you need to make sure you’re getting plenty of fluids and aren’t in danger of dehydration or heatstroke. 

Dress Right

We get it, that leather jacket makes you look super youthful and cool, but nevertheless, it’s going to be hot today, so shorts and a t-shirt, maybe a hat. Dress light and summery, you don’t want your move to be spoiled by something as meaningless and arbitrary as your outfit, do you?

Keep an Eye on Everyone

Don’t forget, moving isn’t just stressful for you! No-one likes getting up early and fussing around making sure all the little jobs are done, and it can be a time of huge upheaval for kids. Make sure they’re drinking plenty and keep them entertained somehow. 

Pets too shouldn’t be neglected, so make sure you’re checking the tick list, following the plan, and making sure everyone’s doing great, and the summer heat won’t be a problem at all. Plus, you get to look at your new home in all its bright sunny glory! 

Brycelands Removals and Storage boast over 50 years’ industry experience and can handle whatever your move has to throw at them. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Packing up books for your move

A well-maintained book collection is a thing of beauty. No matter what you like to read, there are few sights more stirring than a packed bookshelf.

That said, as the top removal company in Hertfordshire, we can tell you that your book collection, as fine as it may be, does have one drawback – at least as far as moving house is concerned. Books are heavy! You don’t think about it when they’re on your shelf, but come moving day, a standard packing crate filled with books would be a two-man job on its own, and all that weight in one place runs the risk of damaging the books themselves.

Below are some tips to make moving your book collection easier and safer, no matter how big it might be.

Little by little

We’ve said a packing crate full of books is hard to shift, so why not break your collection up into smaller sections? Various box manufacturers produce small packing boxes that comfortably hold around 30 or 40 paperbacks, or about half as many hardbacks. Sure, it might result in a lot of boxes, but you know you won’t be putting your back out moving them.

Lining, packing, and taping

Your boxes should be lined with packing paper, to protect your hardback books, and their dust covers. These heavier books should go at the bottom, with smaller books tucked in and around them to fill up the space as effectively as possible. Don’t be afraid to mix hardbacks with paperbacks – whatever it takes to lend the box greater structural integrity. Even these small boxes will be deceptively heavy, so don’t scrimp on the packing tape to keep it all together.

Wheeled suitcases

Alternatively, if you have any wheeled suitcases, why not pack your books into them and just wheel them in and out of the removal van? Any clothes can go into packing crates, since the worst that will happen to them is that they pick up a crease here or there, which is nothing to panic about.

Here at Brycelands Removals and Storage, our clients can benefit from our complete packing service. Ensure that your books – and any other precious, fragile, or delicate items – are packed safely and securely before the big move.  Get in touch today for a free quote with no obligation.

Maintaining security during a move

As the premier providers of residential removals in Hertfordshire, we understand that moving house is a trying experience as it is. When you start to worry about the security of your private belongings, it adds a layer of unwanted stress to an already difficult day.

Try these simple tips on the big day, to keep your important items safe and sound.

Keep hold of what you can’t do without

Certain items are essential: personal pieces of jewellery, private documents, passports, bank details and so on. Keep these with you at all times, whether in your own car, or in a bag or purse that will always be on your person. Don’t entrust them to being stored in one of the regular boxes, in case they should go missing.

Label your boxes by room, rather than contents

A box on the driveway labelled ‘electronics’ or ‘fine china’ can be a tempting proposition for an opportunistic thief – a box labelled ‘living room’ or dining room, is somewhat less so. Nobody needs to know what’s in your packing boxes apart from you, so mark them by room, and keep a listed inventory elsewhere.

Know who’s supposed to be there

Always be aware of who is in your house. If you hire a removal company, make sure you know how many are on the team. If the gas man is detaching your cooker, check his ID. With people in and out of both properties all day, you need to be able to recognise who is there for a reason, and who isn’t.

As the foremost provider of residential removals in Hertfordshire, we are happy to assist you with packing your belongings safely and securely. Our team ensure that everything loaded onto our vans gets to your new home, as safe as can be. Contact Brycelands Removals & Storage today on 0800 772 0799 and let us give you a quote for the most secure removals service in the county.

Labelling boxes during your house move

As the top removals company in Hertfordshire, our customers often ask us for advice on how best to label their storage boxes. Here are some of the best ways to take the stress out of packing:

Don’t rush

Allow ample time to pack in the run up to your move so you can do the job in stages. We have to confess – packing up a household’s worth of possessions can be a laborious and sometimes boring task, but we promise you, it will be worth it when it comes time to unpack in your new home.

Tops and sides

Whatever way you choose to label your boxes, it’s only going to work if you can see your labelling. Take the time to mark your boxes on all sides and the lids as well. This means that you’ll be able to tell which box is which, even if they’re stacking on top of one another.

Make an inventory

Number every box and make a list of everything you’re putting in as you do so. Sure, it’s a long-winded process, but preferable to rooting through half a dozen boxes when you’re looking for a specific item.

Fragile items

All fragile items should be clearly marked as such. Not only will the removals team take extra care, but so will you when you’re rearranging boxes in your new house to make room.

Remember the basics

One box should be labelled “OPEN FIRST”, and should be filled with the absolute essentials you’ll need for the first day and night in your new home. We’re talking a few plates, cups and pieces of cutlery, as well as a kettle and some tea bags; clothes, pyjamas, toilet rolls… you get the idea.

We’re not just the best removals company in Hertfordshire: we also offer a full packing service to all of our clients, so you know your items will not only be packed safely and securely, but also easy to find when they reach your new property. Call Brycelands Removals and Storage today for a free, no-obligation quote.

How to move large aplliances

Moving house is always a busy time, with so many jobs to take care of. Chief among these is the moving of your major appliances and white goods to your new property – these are not items you can just put in a box and carry to your new home.

As the premier provider of residential removals in Hertfordshire, Brycelands Removals and Storage have been transporting these bulky items for our valued customers for years, and we’ve come up with the following handy hints to make it that much easier for you on the big day.

General tips

Make sure all appliances are empty, clean and, in the case of water-bearing items, thoroughly dried. Disconnection can take some time, so don’t wait until the day of the move. This is especially true of freezers and refrigerators (see below).

Washing machines

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to settle the drum to prevent swaying and tipping in transit (often a set of long screws that secure it). Disconnect all hoses and allow them to drain out into a bucket, before wrapping in an old towel and storing inside the washer.

Tumbles dryers

Apart from unplugging the dryer safely, make sure that you empty out the lint drawer before transporting to your new home.


Leave the dishwasher door open for a day or two before the move, to prevent any moisture from condensation being trapped inside. Follow our guidance on washing machines for disconnecting and storing the hoses.


Remove any detachable parts, label them, and pack securely in a well-marked box. If you have a gas cooker, it must be disconnected by a qualified gas technician and, when you arrive at your new house, you will also have to arrange for one to install it.

Refrigerators and freezers

Defrost overnight before cleaning and drying. Plan ahead regarding perishable items, so as little as possible goes to waste. Remove any shelving and tape together, wrapping them whole in paper or bubble wrap.

Brycelands Removals and Storage will be happy to assist you with any of your major appliances, including all the heavy lifting at both ends of the journey. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote for residential removals in Hertfordshire.

Creating the Ideal Moving Day Essentials Box

Once you’ve got the right residential removals company in Hertfordshire, and you’ve planned everything else to a tee, there’s one last thing to do, create a moving day essentials box. When it comes to moving home, the vast majority of the items and furniture that we own are packed away tightly and safely, ready for transport to the new house.

The problem with that is that it means that if you need anything, you’re going to struggle to find the right box it’s packed away in, and you could end up spending money at the store unnecessarily replacing things you need. That’s where the essentials box comes into play

Filled with all the necessary items to help you settle into your new property, an essentials box can help a move go off without a hitch, while helping you settle into your new home, and saving you an inconvenient trip to the shops. Here’s what yours might need.

Snacks and Drink

Moving house can be labour-intensive, tiring, and thirsty work. Long days, and few chances to stop and eat properly. That’s why you need to be packing healthy, energy-focused snacks, like nuts, breakfast bars and fruit. Maybe even some chocolate to pep you up during the day

In terms of drinks, make sure you take plenty of bottled water, as well as instant coffee and tea, if you’re going to be in need of a midday pick-me-up. A full packed picnic can be a great idea, if you’ve got the time to put it together.

Important Documents and ID

Any important documentation or ID you really want to avoid losing, store in the essentials box. You never know when you could need it, so it’ll be potentially really useful to have it to hand. Plus, these things are really expensive to replace, and that’s an additional cost no-one needs when moving.


While you might not be needing a full-size toolkit, you could find yourself in need of a flashlight and a small portable tool set. Imagine if the power goes down, or you need to perform some small impromptu repairs in the new home, you don’t want to have to call someone out for something you could easily handle yourself, if only you had your tools

A portable phone charger can also come in super handy, no one wants to be caught with a dead phone on the big stressful moving day.


Toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, shower gel, flannels. Whatever you and your family need to get yourselves sorted for bed when you arrive at the new property, get it packed away. There’s no point stressing out trying to find essentials, or doing a shop run on such a busy day. 


After a long sweaty day of moving, shifting boxes around and generally feeling out of sorts, you’re all going to want to get into some fresh clothes as soon as possible. Make sure you pack a full change of outfit for everyone, that’ll help you all feel a little more settled.

With over 50 years’ industry experience, and thousands of satisfied customers, Brycelands Removals and Storage can handle all kinds of domestic and commercial moves. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote.

How to deal with moving day problems

There is nothing as exciting as the approach to your moving day. The thought of finally getting into your own property is thrilling, especially as the day draws closer. In the heady rush of getting ready to settle into your new home, remember that there are a few key things that will make the move go so much easier.

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