For many people, a new year means a fresh start. If you’ve decided to move home and the date has fallen in the early months of the year, it’s a great opportunity to start over in a new place. However, there are some pitfalls of moving during the winter that you should be aware of.

  1. 1. Make sure you’re ready for the cold winter weather. Dress appropriately if you’re going to be the one handling your items outside and carrying them back and forth. Be especially careful of icy or wet surfaces while carrying boxes or heavy items.
  2. Prepare your vehicle for storing your items, and make sure it’s up for the journey if you’re facing difficult weather conditions. The last thing you need is for your car to get stuck at the bottom of a hill in the snow because it’s overloaded with possessions! The wisest choice is to let a professional removals company deal with this.
  3. Choose the quietest day of the week to move the majority of your items if possible. Try to find a time where the weather isn’t too bad, and it won’t be too disruptive for you to spend time overseeing the move.
  1. Ensure all the energy bills and similar admin tasks are dealt with before you move, so you can settle down with as little stress involved as possible. You will need to make sure the heating is paid for and working in your new home so you don’t freeze on your first night there!
  2. As with moving at any time of year, make sure you pack carefully. This may include a dedicated box for all your winter essentials, like everything you need to make a hot drink and settle in as soon as you arrive in your new place. Other boxes should be assigned per room to make unpacking quick and easy.

There are many more things you need to consider in order to make your move successful, but these points might really help you make a good start on the preparations. Winter isn’t the most popular time of year to move, but with a little smart planning you can make it a smooth process and get the task done.

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