Moving house can be both an exciting and stressful experience. Amidst the chaos of packing, removals, and storage, one easily overlooked detail is handling your utilities. By ‘utilities’, we mean the essential services like gas, water, electric, internet, and phone. It’s crucial to get these sorted for a smooth transition to your new home. How to deal with utilities when moving house? This guide will give you a checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered when it comes to managing your utilities during a move.

Before Moving House

The steps to take before moving home are as follows:

Notify Your Suppliers

Before you make your move, it’s crucial to let your utility suppliers know about the change. Contact your gas, water, electric, internet, and phone providers at least two weeks in advance. This will provide them ample time to process your move-out request.

Settle Outstanding Bills

It’s always good practice to clear any outstanding balances on your utility accounts. This ensures that you won’t have any lingering financial ties to your new address.

Take Meter Readings

On the day of your move, record the meter readings for gas, electricity, and water if you have a water meter. This can prevent any disputes regarding usage after you’ve left.

Share Forwarding Details

In case there are any final bills or correspondences, provide your suppliers with a forwarding address. This way, any future communications will reach you without any hitches.

Moving In

Once you’ve moved into your new home, do the following:

Identify Installed Utilities

Once you arrive at your new home, determine which utilities are already connected. This can typically be identified by checking for active phone lines, internet connections, and whether water, gas, and electric services are operational.

Note Down Meter Readings

Just as when you moved out of your old home, take note of the meter readings upon moving in. This ensures that you only pay for what you consume from the day you move in.

Transfer or Set Up New Accounts

Contact the utility suppliers in your new area. If your previous suppliers also operate in this region, you may simply transfer your account. If not, you’ll need to set up new accounts with new suppliers.

Understand Your New Tariff

When setting up a new account or transferring your old one, it’s vital to understand the tariff you’re on. This will help you manage your utility expenses efficiently.

Update Contact Details

Ensure your new utility suppliers have your updated contact information. This ensures seamless communication regarding your bills, services, or any potential issues.

Other Things to Consider

Once you have the basics covered, it’s also worth considering the following:

Broadband Speed

When moving home and looking into internet options, it’s beneficial to check the broadband speeds available in your new area. This ensures you choose a provider that can offer a service meeting your needs.

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

In your new home, always have a list of emergency contact numbers for each utility. This will be especially useful in case of unforeseen breakdowns or issues.

Evaluating New Suppliers

If you need to switch to new suppliers when moving, there are a few things to consider:

Shop Around for Deals

When you move to a new area, it’s the perfect opportunity to potentially find better deals on your utilities. Explore comparison websites or local forums to see which providers offer the best rates and packages.

Check for Bundled Services

Some suppliers might offer bundled services, where combining internet, phone, or even TV can lead to significant savings. Assess your needs and see if such a package would be cost-effective for you.

Environmental Considerations

Don’t forget about the environment, either. If you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint in your new home, there are several ways your utility suppliers can help.

Green Energy Options

More providers are now offering renewable energy options. If you are environmentally conscious, seek out suppliers that source their electricity from renewable resources like wind or solar power.

Water-Saving Appliances

Moving into a new house allows you to reconsider the efficiency of your appliances. Choose those that are water-efficient, such as high-efficiency washing machines or low-flow showerheads, to reduce consumption and save on bills.

Long-Term Contracts and Agreements

Before you commit to any new utility supplier, it’s crucial to read the fine print. Some suppliers might offer attractive rates but lock you into lengthy contracts. Understand any early termination fees or conditions tied to promotional rates.

Plus, bear in mind that some deals might seem attractive because of promotional periods. Always check what the rates will be after this period ends to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The transition from one home to another involves more than just moving belongings. While you make sure your utilities are switched over seamlessly, you can count on the team at Brycelands to take care of all removals and storage needs when you’re moving home. Get in touch today for a quote.

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