As the premier providers of residential removals in Hertfordshire, we understand that moving house is a trying experience as it is. When you start to worry about the security of your private belongings, it adds a layer of unwanted stress to an already difficult day.

Try these simple tips on the big day, to keep your important items safe and sound.

Keep hold of what you can’t do without

Certain items are essential: personal pieces of jewellery, private documents, passports, bank details and so on. Keep these with you at all times, whether in your own car, or in a bag or purse that will always be on your person. Don’t entrust them to being stored in one of the regular boxes, in case they should go missing.

Label your boxes by room, rather than contents

A box on the driveway labelled ‘electronics’ or ‘fine china’ can be a tempting proposition for an opportunistic thief – a box labelled ‘living room’ or dining room, is somewhat less so. Nobody needs to know what’s in your packing boxes apart from you, so mark them by room, and keep a listed inventory elsewhere.

Know who’s supposed to be there

Always be aware of who is in your house. If you hire a removal company, make sure you know how many are on the team. If the gas man is detaching your cooker, check his ID. With people in and out of both properties all day, you need to be able to recognise who is there for a reason, and who isn’t.

As the foremost provider of residential removals in Hertfordshire, we are happy to assist you with packing your belongings safely and securely. Our team ensure that everything loaded onto our vans gets to your new home, as safe as can be. Contact Brycelands Removals & Storage today on 01462 675 555 and let us give you a quote for the most secure removals service in the county.