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When it comes to relocating, prioritising your children’s education ranks high on the list of considerations for many families. Navigating the maze of school options can be daunting, especially in a new area and you want the best start to life possible for your child.

We’ve curated a comprehensive list of top schools to assist parents contemplating a move to Hitchin. We use Ofsted ratings to highlight the defining characteristics of each school, in alphabetical order.

What Are Ofsted Ratings?

Ofsted ratings originate from comprehensive inspections carried out in schools. While schools usually know about upcoming inspections, they don’t receive advance notice, ensuring inspectors obtain an accurate assessment of various aspects of a school’s performance.

After these inspections, schools are categorised into one of four grades:

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Requires improvement
  • Inadequate

If your child is unable to get into an Outstanding school it does not mean they will be unable to get a good education. Ofsted inspections are one week every 10 to 2 years, so although they are very detailed, getting less than an Outstanding rating is not an indication of a bad school.

That being said, Hitchin has 5 Outstanding rated schools, 17 Good rated schools and 3 schools that Require Improvement. There are no schools rated as Inadequate according to Ofsted.

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In Ofsted reports, schools rated as ‘outstanding’ in overall effectiveness often avoid regular inspections, granting them a span of up to ten years without reevaluation. However, if there’s any indication of performance decline or the emergence of risks, such as safeguarding issues, a thorough inspection may be triggered. Currently, Hitchin boasts 5 schools holding the prestigious ‘Outstanding’ rating.

Hitchin Boy’s School

Hitchin Boy’s School is a male-only school which has been noted to be exceptional, embodying its motto, ‘striving for excellence’, in all aspects of school life. Students thrive due to the equal emphasis on personal development and academic achievement. The academy fosters a positive and purposeful culture, evident in the dedication of both staff and students.

Teaching is outstanding, with passionate educators sparking pupils’ interest from the outset. Valuing feedback and collaboration, staff prepare challenging activities that lead to high pupil achievement.

Behaviour is exemplary, contributing to a safe and supportive environment. Exceptional attendance and diverse achievements prepare pupils for future success, with a particular focus on supporting disadvantaged students. The academy prioritises holistic development, evident in extensive extracurricular participation and expertly-led sixth-form provision.

Hitchin Girl’s School

Hitchin Girl’s School is an exceptional female-only school, with the headteacher, governors, and staff nurturing high aspirations for students. Teachers cultivate a dynamic learning environment where students excel, achieving remarkably well across subjects and stages, notably in English and mathematics.

Teaching consistently ranges from good to outstanding, fostering rapid learning and enjoyment. Students produce work of exceptional quality, displaying enthusiasm, creativity, and thoughtfulness. They develop strong personal and social skills, demonstrating exemplary behaviour and safety awareness.

Mutual respect between students and staff fosters a harmonious atmosphere. Efficient management ensures continuous improvement, supported by skilled governance. The outstanding sixth form prepares students excellently for future endeavours through high achievement and comprehensive provision enhancements.

Samuel Lucas Junior and Mixed Infant School

At Samuel Lucas Junior and Mixed Infant School, pupils thrive in a vibrant community they proudly call their own. With high ambitions for each child, adults foster a culture of hard work and exemplary behaviour, consistently communicating with kindness.

Lessons are engaging, motivating pupils to excel, listen attentively, and eagerly embrace learning, resulting in impressive achievements across the board, including for disadvantaged and SEND pupils.

A plethora of enriching activities, from learning musical instruments to participating in grand musical events like the Royal Albert Hall gala, enhance their school experience. Encouraged to be active and inclusive, pupils cultivate values of kindness, perseverance, and resilience, preparing them admirably for their future endeavours.

St Andrew’s CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School

St. Andrew’s stands out as an exceptional school where both student well-being and academic excellence are seamlessly intertwined. Under the exemplary leadership of the headteacher and dedicated staff, a culture of high expectations and a love for learning prevail, ensuring the best for every pupil.

Teachers, continually striving for excellence, utilise cutting-edge educational research to inform their practice, resulting in exceptional outcomes across the curriculum. Creative and focused lessons, coupled with a rich curriculum, foster high-quality work and broad cultural experiences.

While there’s notable provision for SEN and disadvantaged pupils, leadership remains committed to dismantling learning barriers, ensuring strong progress for all. Early years benefit from strong leadership and excellent teaching, laying a solid foundation for future academic endeavours.

The school’s emphasis on spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development nurtures well-rounded, responsible citizens who take immense pride in their school community. Impeccable behaviour and enthusiastic engagement further contribute to the high standards achieved by pupils.

William Ransom Primary School

William Ranson Primary School demonstrates exceptional leadership and governance at every level. Students leave well-prepared for their next educational stage, consistently achieving above-national-average standards in English and mathematics.

Subject leaders play a crucial role in raising standards, ensuring consistently good and often outstanding teaching. Teachers forge positive relationships, fostering focused and enthusiastic learning. With high expectations, both teachers and teaching assistants facilitate rapid progress across all year groups.

Students’ outstanding attitudes to learning, impeccable behaviour, and above-average attendance reflect the school’s commitment to their holistic development. A vibrant and creative curriculum, coupled with exemplary early years provision, ensures children flourish academically and socially.


Hitchin proudly hosts 17 schools rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted. Generally, establishments with a ‘Good’ rating undergo inspection within five years after their last evaluation. While these inspections are typically concise, if concerns arise regarding declining performance, a more thorough assessment may be carried out. Such situations could trigger a closer examination to ensure an accurate evaluation of overall provider performance.

Beachwood Green Junior and Mixed Infant School

Students find joy in attending Beachwood Green School, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration. Guided by the ethos of striving for excellence together, they readily take on responsibilities, supporting peers and celebrating achievements.

Encouraged to aspire and contribute positively, students develop into responsible citizens, caring for each other and their wider community. Their exemplary behaviour, attentive listening, and positive engagement reflect a culture of kindness and respect, both in lessons and during break times.

Students feel safe and supported, with bullying rare and ample avenues for seeking help. Positive parental feedback underscores the school’s nurturing environment, valued especially during the challenges of the pandemic.

Graveley Primary School

At Graveley Primary School, inclusion and nurturing form the cornerstone of the community. With warm relationships prevailing, students feel supported, fostering their growth.

Parents and carers express overwhelmingly positive sentiments about the school’s ethos. Leaders are determined for all students to excel, including those with SEND, maintaining calm classrooms where diligent work is the norm.

From early years, students exhibit eagerness for learning, buoyed by high expectations and exemplary conduct. Rare incidents of bullying are swiftly addressed, fostering a safe environment.

Students are empowered with responsibilities, with initiatives like the pupil parliament showcasing their impact, including the successful introduction of ‘Kai’, the school dog, aiding anxious students.

Christian values permeate school life, guiding students to embody fellowship, creativity, and harmony, both within the school and beyond.

Highbury Infant School and Nursery

Highbury Infant School and Nursery demonstrates good standards, particularly in laying strong learning foundations for children in Nursery and Reception. Progress continues well throughout, with Year 2 pupils surpassing average standards in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Swift interventions support those lagging in learning, fostering pride among staff who engage students effectively in stimulating activities. Rigorous progress monitoring and supportive care ensure pupils feel secure, and exhibit excellent behaviour and attendance reflecting their enthusiasm for school.

Under strong leadership, the school progresses, excelling in spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development, with a robust parent partnership.

Highover Junior Mixed and Infant School

In Highover Junior Mixed and Infant School, outstanding care, guidance, and support foster positive attitudes to learning, excellent behaviour, and strong health awareness.

Exceptional spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development fosters positive relationships and collaboration, creating a friendly atmosphere. Parent partnerships and collaborations with schools and agencies benefit personal development.

Pupils show pride and above-average attendance, enjoying enriched activities. Good teaching and a well-planned curriculum drive progress, though some inconsistency exists. Rigorous assessment informs improvement efforts, accelerating progress, particularly in the last year. Leadership steers continuous improvement, leveraging staff expertise and shared vision for further enhancement.

Ickleford Primary School

Ickleford Primary School excels in reading and mathematics, with pupils reaching above-average standards. Reception children gain confidence and phonics knowledge, while reading is effectively promoted school-wide.

Teaching is predominantly good, occasionally outstanding, especially when adapting lessons for swift skill acquisition. Diverse topics enrich learning, with emphasis on art, music, and values education.

Excellent behaviour and high attendance reflect a safe, attentive learning environment. Parents highly recommend the school, though writing progress lags behind reading and math.

Mary Exton Primary School

Mary Exton Primary School fosters a joyful learning environment akin to a supportive family, where positive relationships between staff and pupils flourish from early years onwards.

Exemplary behaviour, understanding, and kindness prevail, with pupils feeling safe to discuss concerns and worries, and bullying being rare. Enthusiastic engagement is evident in the diverse opportunities offered, from clubs to cultural excursions.

Lessons are enjoyed as they prepare pupils for the future, encompassing British values of democracy and tolerance. The school’s nurturing ethos promotes holistic development, ensuring pupils thrive both academically and emotionally.

Offley Endowed Primary School and Nursery

Offley Endowed Primary School and Nursery, a small village school, fosters a happy and welcoming environment where pupils thrive.

Guided by Christian values like respect and honesty, pupils support each other and embrace the motto ‘be all you can be,’ striving for excellence. They understand and meet the high expectations set by leaders, resulting in commendable behaviour and achievement.

Teachers promote independence from early years, while attentive adults address concerns promptly. Bullying is rare, and pupils enjoy diverse activities, trips, and clubs, enhancing resilience and confidence through musical performances and themed events like cultural and language weeks.

Oughton Primary and Nursery School

At Oughton, pupils take pride in their school and exhibit strong self-awareness, reflected in positive behaviour and empathetic attitudes towards others. Warm relationships between pupils and adults foster a safe and caring environment, with high expectations for behaviour upheld throughout the school.

Pupils demonstrate emotional understanding and recognise bullying, which is promptly addressed by staff. A broad curriculum develops talents and interests, with pupils achieving well and appreciating enriching experiences like trips and visitors. They are well-prepared for future education stages, embracing values of kindness and tolerance, evident in their treatment of others and their enthusiastic participation in school responsibilities.

Our Lady Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Catholic Primary School fosters positive relationships, happiness, and a love for learning among pupils. A diverse curriculum sparks curiosity and knowledge sharing, with enriching experiences connecting learning to the wider world.

Good progress and readiness for future education stages reflect effective teaching and a respectful learning environment. Polite and respectful behaviour, along with pupils’ responsiveness to high expectations, ensures a conducive atmosphere for learning.

Pupils take pride in additional responsibilities and feel safe, and confident that concerns are promptly addressed by supportive adults.

Preston Primary School

Preston Primary School is deemed good with potential for further improvement. It falls short of outstanding due to opportunities for higher standards in writing, insufficient consolidation of initiatives in mathematics, and ineffective use of assessment information.

Pupils achieve well, with above-average attendance and positive attitudes to learning and safety awareness. Good teaching and openness to new initiatives drive progress, although some pupils, particularly the more able, may not consistently be challenged. Marking offers clear guidance for improvement, but outdoor learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage could be optimised.

Effective leadership has led to improvements, yet further embedding is needed, especially in mathematics. While an electronic assessment program aids teaching quality, staff confidence in its use varies.

St Ippolyts CofE Aided Primary School

At St Ippolyts, pupils engage in a cohesive community, learning and playing with a diverse and engaging curriculum from early years. Supported by dedicated adults, pupils thrive academically and socially, guided by prominent school values like respect and love.

Behaviour reflects considerate interactions, with rare instances of bullying promptly addressed. Enrichment activities, including sports competitions, enhance learning experiences.

Pupils view adults as role models, fostering respectful relationships. Compassion and nurturing from staff are highly valued by both pupils and parents, contributing to a happy and safe environment where pupils flourish academically and emotionally.

St Mary’s CofE Academy Stotfold

St Mary’s Academy has rapidly improved due to effective collaboration among leaders and teachers, enhancing teaching quality and pupils’ progress.

High expectations drive challenging and engaging learning experiences across all subjects. Regular progress checks enable tailored teaching to support all pupils effectively. Good progress is evident across year groups, particularly in reading, mathematics, and improved writing skills. Efforts to narrow attainment gaps have benefited disadvantaged pupils and the most able.

Pupils’ personal development, behaviour, and welfare are commendable, fostering a safe and positive environment. While early years education is strong, areas like geography and religious education require more attention to ensure consistent standards.

Strathmore Infant and Nursery School

Strathmore Infant and Nursery School is deemed good, with strong leadership driving improvements in teaching and pupil achievement.

Progress in reading and writing has notably improved, with good standards across most subjects and phases. While most teaching is effective and behaviour is generally good, challenges remain in achieving expected standards in reading and mathematics, particularly in Key Stage 1. Further efforts are needed to ensure all lessons meet high standards and adequately challenge more able pupils.

The Priory School

The Priory School provides strong support for all pupils, fostering success from primary through sixth form.

With a diverse curriculum and thorough preparation for further education, staff ensure students reach their potential. Positive relationships between staff and pupils are evident, fostering a caring environment valued by parents.

Pupils demonstrate attentiveness and enthusiasm in lessons, engaging respectfully with adults and peers. Clear behaviour expectations maintain a calm and purposeful atmosphere, with support readily available for any concerns.

Enrichment opportunities abound, from music and sports to leadership development programs like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, ensuring a well-rounded education for all.

Whitehill Junior School

In Whitehill Junior School, pupils thrive in a nurturing environment that fosters enthusiasm for learning. The curriculum prepares them well for the future, with engaging lessons and diverse activities like ‘Space Night’ and the ‘Big Dig’.

Opportunities abound for developing talents, from music to sports and clubs. Pupils exhibit exemplary behaviour, working diligently and respecting others’ views. Various reward systems encourage positive attitudes.

Safety is paramount, with pupils looking out for each other and bullying rare. Pupils take on meaningful responsibilities, such as promoting mental health and resolving conflicts, fostering active citizenship.

Wilshire-Dacre Junior Academy

Wilshire-Dacre Junior Academy is led by a headteacher with high expectations, supported by effective leadership from the trust.

Pupils make good progress overall, with attainment above average in key stage 2. They develop positively, displaying confidence, respect, and good behaviour. Teaching quality is good and improving, with ongoing support and training for staff. Safety and welfare are prioritised, ensuring pupils feel secure and enjoy school.

The curriculum is effective in deepening knowledge and skills and fostering spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. However, challenges remain in consistent subject leadership, progress monitoring for disadvantaged pupils, and maintaining standards in handwriting.

Wymondley Junior and Mixed Infant School

Pupils cherish Wymondley Junior and Mixed Infant School due to the strong relationships and safe environment fostered by caring adults. They feel supported in managing their well-being and quickly settle into school life, supported by proactive staff who promote a sense of belonging.

High expectations for success motivate pupils to work hard, while a wide range of enrichment activities, including sports and choir, enhances their experience. The playground offers diverse activities, fostering enjoyment and social interaction among peers. Older pupils take on responsibilities, nurturing a sense of responsibility, while younger ones feel welcomed. Overall, the school prioritises pupils’ well-being, engagement, and academic success.

Requires Improvement

Currently, there are three schools in Hitchin classified as requiring improvement. Schools in this category will undergo a full inspection by Ofsted within 12 to 30 months. This gives the school some clear areas for improvement and how they can be improved to the Good rating.

Pirton School

Pupils at Pirton School exhibit happiness and regular attendance, embodying school values such as responsibility and respect. They maintain good manners and take pride in caring for the school environment.

Both pupils and parents feel safe and supported, appreciating the attentive staff. Lessons proceed smoothly, with pupils displaying commendable behaviour during breaks. They embrace various roles, contributing positively to school life, and enthusiastically participate in diverse clubs and sports.

Pupils value learning opportunities, including local and global perspectives, promoting appreciation for diversity. Regular reading is encouraged, fostering gratitude for staff recommendations and nurturing a love for literature.

Purwell Primary School

Pupils at Purwell Primary School enjoy a safe environment and appreciate the educational opportunities provided. The evolving curriculum aims to enhance their knowledge, particularly in mathematics and English.

Pupils demonstrate a secure understanding of physical and mental health concepts. Engaging in classroom discussions and assemblies explores social issues, including cultural diversity and respectful relationships. Pupils feel supported in managing anxiety, and knowing where to seek help. They acknowledge the caring attitude of adults and value the pastoral support offered. Confidence in addressing behavioural issues, including bullying, is evident, fostering a sense of security and well-being among the students.

Roecroft Lower School

At Roecroft Lower School, pupils exhibit a friendly and respectful demeanour, cultivated through clear expectations and nurturing leadership. They are encouraged to adhere to school values, fostering a safe environment where bullying is rare and promptly addressed. However, some pupils, particularly those with special educational needs, may not receive optimal support for their learning needs.

The PSHE curriculum promotes reflection and mature discussions on topical issues, enhancing pupils’ understanding of responsibility. Additionally, extracurricular activities, including music lessons and residential trips, broaden pupils’ horizons. Despite these strengths, there’s room to improve support systems for all learners to reach their full potential.

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