Watford is located in Hertfordshire, just northwest of London. It is a popular commuter town for people working in London, but it also has a lot to offer couples and families. If you are considering relocating to Watford for work or family reasons, these are some of the main reasons why Watford is a great place to live.

Proximity to London

One of the main attractions of living in Watford is that it is very close to central London, which is handy if you work in the city. It’s only a 16-minute journey on the Metropolitan line from Watford Junction to London Euston. From there, you can connect to London St. Pancras and on to Europe, or travel around central London on the underground or overground lines. Trains run regularly subject to the usual limitations.

You can also drive into London if your car us ULEZ compliant or you don’t mind paying the charge, but expect the journey to take 1+ hours.

Housing Prices and Rental Prices in Watford

As a commuter town, housing prices and rental prices are quite high compared to other parts of the UK. The average house price in Watford is around £513k, with terraced properties selling for around £453k. The average rental price for a two-bed home is about £1,800 per month, which is a lot cheaper than central London, where you can expect to pay around £2,800 a month for a two-bed property.

The higher-than-average prices compared to other parts of the UK are mainly driven by Watford’s excellent transport links into London. It does mean housing affordability can be an issue, especially for first time buyers or those on lower incomes, but if you are relocating from London or more expensive commuter towns like Oxford and Cambridge, it’s definitely affordable.

Schools in Watford

Watford has a number of excellent schools, both in the state and private sectors. This makes it an attractive area for families moving to the area.

Some of the most sought-after secondary schools include Parmiter’s School, Watford Grammar School for Girls, Watford Grammar School for Boys, Saint Michael’s Catholic High School, and Westfield Academy. All three schools achieve some of the best GCSE and A-Level results in Hertfordshire and often rank highly in UK league tables.

In terms of private schools, there are options like Purcell School, a renowned music school, and Abbey College, an independent school for ages 2 to 18 years old. Stanborough Primary School is also very well regarded.

With a choice of outstanding schools like these, it’s no surprise Watford appeals to families.

The Job Market in Watford

In terms of employment, Watford has a diverse job market across a number of sectors and the employment rate is higher in Watford compared to the East of England as a whole. Many residents commute into London for work, but there are also ample job opportunities within Watford itself.

The town centre provides retail and service jobs. Watford also has industrial areas and business parks which are home to many large companies. These provide excellent office-based employment, particularly in the fields of print, publishing and software development. Major employers include publishers like Pearson, development companies like Kodak Alaris, and technology firms like Samsung. JD Wetherspoons also has a HQ in the town.

Overall, Watford has low unemployment rates and a strong local economy. The town centre continues to grow with rebranded complexes like the Atria Watford. Proposed transport links like the Croxley Rail Link will also boost business.

Things to Do in Watford

Despite being a commuter town, Watford also has plenty of attractions and entertainment options within its own boundaries.

For sports fans, Watford FC plays in the Premier League and the town is home to sports complexes like Woodside Leisure Centre. Nature lovers will enjoy the plentiful parks and open spaces like Cassiobury Park and The Grove gardens.

The town centre has an array of shops, cafes, restaurants and a cinema for leisurely days out. Regular markets and events like the Watford Carnival bring the community together. And for music lovers, the town is famous for hosting artists like Elton John and Mick Jagger early in their careers.

Culturally, Watford has several museums and theatres for those looking to enjoy the arts. Attractions like Watford Palace Theatre, Pump House Theatre and Watford Museum always provide entertainment.

So, while Watford has excellent links to London, there is also plenty to enjoy within the town itself. From sports to nature, shopping to arts, Watford gives residents plenty of things to see and do.

Watford is a great place to live for anyone looking for a commuter town near London with excellent amenities. While housing and rent can be expensive, this is the trade-off for being so well-connected to the capital. With outstanding schools, a diverse job market, and entertainment options on the doorstep, Watford offers a high quality of life. For families and professionals alike, Watford balances the convenience of city access with ample opportunities to enjoy within its own community.

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