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Types of Moves Brycelands Handle

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Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane has long been a popular destination for expatriates who decide to move to Australia from the UK. Its distinctive economic development area, TradeCoast, bolsters a dynamic service economy. Similarly, dedicated research areas support its scientific and technological prominence at a national level. Additionally, especially over recent years, Brisbane’s developing arts and culture scene have added to the city’s attractions.

At these latitudes, the Australian climate is sub-tropical with beautiful countryside to complement the magnificent sandy beaches. Not only all that, but the Great Barrier Reef is within easy reach, too.



A relaxed lifestyle, natural beauty and easy access to the coastline are just some of the reasons for relocating to Melbourne. Voted as one of the most liveable cities in the world, Melbourne is ideal for families, couples and beach enthusiasts. As well as its clean sands and blue ocean, there are plenty of boat trips for fishing, snorkelling and diving.

There again, one should not miss Melbourne’s characteristic alleyways and graffiti art. If you are moving to Melbourne, choose the expert Brycelands team for their experience in worldwide removals and relocating to Australia.



Nearby, Victoria has added to the popularity of the southeast. At the heart of Australia’s economic activity, this impressive city boasts a range of thriving industries. In fact, Victoria and its surrounding area are renowned for high achievement. Impressively, the Victorian economy is larger in size than the total of those of New Zealand and Singapore. Victoria’s expanding population, currently around 5 million, looks set to overtake that of Sydney by the year 2030

In addition to job prospects in the area, expatriates typically move to Victoria for its relaxed pace of life, open spaces and larger houses in beautiful neighbourhoods. If you are considering relocating from the UK to Victoria, Brycelands works with local removal services specialists to deliver a complete relocation solution that suits you, along with packing, storage and unpacking options.


To the west, the relatively modern and promising city of Perth is home to a significant expatriate community. When relocating to Australia, Britons might choose to move to Perth for business or work-related reasons. The city is Australia’s fourth most populous; it benefits from a Mediterranean-style climate with agreeable weather and mild temperatures.

This area of Western Australia boasts rich natural resources, while its relative isolation also means that demand for skilled professionals is buoyant. Whatever your motives for moving from the UK to Perth, Brycelands offers you a timescale of seven to nine weeks for individual container removals to Perth – or eight to thirteen weeks with groupage.


Australia’s largest city, Sydney is also the state capital of New South Wales. As a capital, Sydney is an obvious expatriate choice if relocating to Australia. Its landmark Harbour Bridge and Opera House are a ‘must see’ for visitors, while Bondi beach is popular with surfers and swimmers alike.

Typically, expatriates who move from the UK to Sydney do so for career reasons. Despite relatively high prices, new residents often stay in the Sydney area for its generous offering of leisure facilities, sporting events, cultural scene and entertainment programme. Importantly, too, Sydney’s highly respected educational institutions support its dominance as a major financial and economic centre.

Emigrating to a New Life

Australia continues to rank highly on the list of choices for expatriates who make the bold decision to emigrate to a new life – whether for career, family or retirement reasons. Part of Oceania, Australia is the world’s sixth largest country: affluent, developed and multicultural.

Our links with Australia go back a long way. First settled by the Dutch and later the British, this fascinating nation continues to be a member of the Commonwealth. British expatriates are likely to feel almost at home down under; English is a native language and traffic drives on the left. That said, there are unusual, diverse and captivating differences that clearly distinguish Australia, Tasmania and neighbouring New Zealand from northern climes.

Nearly nine out of ten Australians live in cities on the coast. As the capital, Sydney is an obvious expatriate destination. In the west, the relatively young and promising city of Perth is home to a significant expat community, as is Melbourne in the south-east. Nearby, in Victoria, Adelaide has grown in popularity – not least for its relaxed pace of life, open spaces and larger houses.

Making Your Move to Australia Easier

Without a doubt, a successful relocation to the other side of the world entails thorough preparation, planning and support. At Brycelands, we provide a professional removals service to destinations throughout Australia, working in conjunction with our partner network of accredited Australian removals companies.

If you plan to move to Australia, your options include a complete container load for your individual use, or groupage, i.e. shared container services. Additionally, some customers opt for short or long-term storage to simplify the logistics.

Taking Care of Your Transition

When moving to Australia, your belongings will be shipped in secure metal containers, fully tracked while in transit. Whether you select an individual container or groupage, both options are subject to the standard quarantine process on arrival. The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) inspects all goods received via air and seaports to ensure that nothing will endanger national fauna and flora, or present risks to the country’s agriculture. Any items deemed unsuitable may be fumigated, treated or destroyed – and the cost passed on.

Subsequently, we arrange for you to receive the appropriate customs forms to ease clearance and expedite delivery of your possessions to your new home in Australia. Typically, the customs and quarantine process takes ten to twenty working days. In total, the approximate door-to-door transit times are:

Destination Full Container Load Groupage
Adelaide 8 to 10 weeks 9 to 14 weeks
Brisbane 8 to 11 weeks 9 to 14 weeks
Perth 7 to 9 weeks 8 to 13 weeks
Melbourne 8 to 10 weeks 9 to 14 weeks
Sydney 8 to 10 weeks 9 to 14 weeks
Hobart 9 to 11 weeks 10 to 16 weeks

Notably, should you decide to import a motor vehicle into Australia, the authorities will want to confirm that it does not contain any asbestos. Most cars sold through UK main dealers from 1999 should be asbestos-free, though you may wish to check with an official ILAQ asbestos testing facility to avoid fines for non-compliance.

Delivering Quality

At Brycelands, we work with members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), a regulatory organisation that ensures high standards. With us, you can count on the right equipment, well-trained staff, appropriate vehicles and suitable premises as well as full insurance.

If you would like further information about relocating to Australia or would like us to help with your move, please contact us today.

FIDI Customs Guides

Autralian Beach

Australian cities rank within the world’s top forty for quality of life.

Whether for work, lifestyle or retirement reasons, moving to Australia from the UK is usually a positive choice. Significantly, Australian cities rank within the world’s top forty for quality of life, according to an authoritative 2018 survey*. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the high scores come from stable environments, good infrastructure and quality housing, along with ample recreational facilities and excellent health services.

Nearly nine out of ten Australians live in urban areas on the coast. Europeans form a significant proportion of the foreign resident population who decided to relocate to Australia. For generations, the Australian dream has attracted visitors and immigrants.

Nonetheless, relocations from the UK to Australia might seem daunting – even under the best of circumstances. That is why the choice of removal company is a crucial factor. Whether you are organising a move from the UK to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Victoria or anywhere else in Australia, meticulous planning and support from an experienced international removals team will reduce unexpected surprises and last-minute stress.

Australia is a massive country, similar in size to the whole of Europe. The distance from Perth to Sydney is greater than from Ukraine to Portugal, for instance. As a result, the vast variety of climates and jobs throughout this spacious continent means that when moving to Australia and deciding where to live, you will want to consider the following factors:

  • Availability of public transport.
  • General prospects for employment.
  • Choice of local schools.
  • Proximity to shopping and work..
  • Reputation of the neighbourhood.

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Our extensive network of global partners allows us to ensure quality from start to finish and being a trusted member of the BAR (British Association of Removals) we can assure you that your move is in safe and reliable hands.

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Built on five decades of experience, Brycelands offers a uniquely comprehensive service package where the needs of our customers always come first. As a family business established over 50 years ago, we understand what it takes to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations with every job we carry out.

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Feefo Ratings
Your guys were exemplary in pretty well every aspect of our move. Considering it snowed the night before we were to move, they arrived in good spirits and did everything we asked with humour, courtesy and efficiency leaving the house clean and tidy.
Roger Dyson, St Albans
I used Brycelands for a move this week. I have been really impressed with the service from day 1 and the crew that arrived on the day were absolutely fantastic – friendly, calm and clearly knew what they were doing.
Krupa Patel, Watford
Aaron and the team were excellent. So quick and careful. No damage at all. They made the day so easy. We were so impressed by them. And they were also really nice guys and put us totally at ease on what can easily be a stressful day. Would not hesitate for a second to recommend you to others.
JS, So quick and careful
Aaron and the team were excellent. So quick and careful. No damage at all. They made the day so easy. We were so impressed by them. And they were also really nice guys and put us totally at ease on what can easily be a stressful day. Would not hesitate for a second to recommend you to others.
JS, So quick and careful
I wanted to say how absolutely delighted we were with our move on Thursday. In spite of the lorry being too long to back up the drive the team set about transferring everything to the house by constantly crossing the road.
Mike Carpenter, Stevenage
I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant service! Dave and the team have been the most professional people we have ever worked with. Aside from being brilliant at their jobs, they are so personable, supportive and just a joy to have around. What I was expecting to be a horrendously stressful experience has turned out to be fine. While moving is never fun, I’m just grateful that they are here helping us through it. I really can’t praise them enough.
J Roberts, Hertfordshire
Please could you pass on my thanks to the team who helped with our move on Friday, they were professional, yet good humoured and helped what is a very stressful time by exceeding our expectations of how a house move can go.
David Jones, Welwyn Garden City

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