There is nothing as exciting as the approach to your moving day. The thought of finally getting into your own property is thrilling, especially as the day draws closer. In the heady rush of getting ready to settle into your new home, remember that there are a few key things that will make the move go so much easier.

Here are a few tips to make it a stress-free experience and avoid any breakages or drama:

Adequate parking

In simple terms, this essential point will make everything go much quicker and easier. You should aim to reserve parking spaces for the removal vans as close to both properties as is possible. This will naturally make the process of loading and unloading faster as well as easier on your removal people. If you don’t, then you risk the move going on longer than expected and costing you more.

Remove fragile objects from furniture

If you have drawers or cupboards packed full of fragile items that you don’t want broken, then remove them before the move happens. Pack them securely in another sturdy box, ideally wrapped in something like bubble wrap as extra protection. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they will be ok, only for the cupboard door to open mid-move and it all come crashing out onto the pavement!

In addition, it is generally advised to clear all items out of your furniture before the move. This is because most furniture is not designed to be moved with items inside and could end up being damaged if you do so. Very light items such as clothes may be ok but it is usually a good idea to move furniture when empty.

Label all your boxes

One key point that most people will have a handle on is packing all your possessions up safely in sturdy boxes. In the excitement (or rush!) of getting ready to move though, you may forget to clearly mark what is in each box and which room it is for on the box itself. It is a really good idea to do this though as it makes the removal people’s job much easier and yours also when you come to unpack.

Make an inventory

One superb tip for moving is to make a full inventory of what is being moved. This will allow you to cross-check what is in your new home when you unpack so you can make sure it has all arrived. It will also assist you pre-move in making sure you have remembered everything you are wanting to take with you.

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