With 50 years of experience in home relocation and storage in Essex and Hertfordshire, we know the difficulties of moving. Therefore we know how beneficial a storage facility can be when moving house. More than reducing stress, it can make the whole process of relocation easier.

The benefits of using a storage facility 

Relocation storage can reduce some of the most prevalent issues when moving house. Below are the prominent issues our storage facilities will alleviate.

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When you are between two homes, your security is at risk. For burglars, you become an easy target. The huge moving truck that appears outside each house warrants thieves to check if you are home on the days it’s not outside your house. So unless you have all your belongings stored in a house, and not sitting in a truck, then we recommend using a storage facility to protect your goods. 

A secure storage facility is usually away from areas of high foot traffic. So any suspicious individuals will be noticed by employees of the facility.


Logistically, removal companies know how long it takes to move everything in a house better than the average person. Especially if this is your first move, you might find the whole experience expensive, stressful and frustrating. 

When moving house, a storage facility can alleviate thef stress caused by time constraints. You can have your belongings looked after until you are ready to finish the move, preventing you from moving between two locations multiple times. 

There’s less to think about

Although it’s an additional step, it means your mind won’t be preoccupied with where everything will go. No more worrying about having all your items in the same space ready to be transported. With Brycelands we handle residential removals so frequently that our storage and removals services work in unison when needed.


Many people wish to redecorate their new home. Painting and decorating can take longer if you have to worry about where to move the sofa. Bigger changes, like removing walls or refurbishing the plumbing can be even more damaging. 

If you plan to renovate your new home before moving in it could prevent items from being damaged. Using a storage facility means you can keep fragile items out of harms way.

Are there disadvantages to using storage facilities?

There are disadvantages to using storage facilities, as unlikely as that may sound.

Natural disasters

This may seem impossible in the UK. But, natural disasters do occur, like storms or flooding. If a natural disaster occurs your items could be at risk of being damaged. However, this is a risk to your belongings in your own home. Ensure you have the correct home insurance before and after moving to avoid expensive replacements. 

Can be expensive for longer periods

Due to them having a focus on short-term use they can be expensive if you plan on storing items long-term. You can reduce these costs by planning your use in advance. Typically if you negotiate a contract before storing you can get a deal.

Inconvenient to get to

There are two sides to this shortcoming. One, there’s the benefit of it being more difficult for thieves to get to. Two, it’s therefore also hard for you to get to. If you don’t mind not being able to check up on your items frequently then this shouldn’t be an issue.

The types of storage facilities

There are multiple styles of storage facilities. Therefore it is essential to know what type of storage facility you need. Here are the two main styles.

Moving house secure storage 

Bryceland’s Secure Storage is based upon a system of modular wooden storage containers. It lets us store fragile and expensive items with ease. 

The warehouse facility uses:

  • Modern CCTV 
  • On-site security
  • Stackable storage boxes

Our experience in this industry means we have constantly had to adapt. Finding cheaper solutions for us creates cheaper solutions for our clients. Our Hertfordshire and Essex storage facility is the embodiment of these changes. 

Self-storage facility

With a self-storage facility, you are renting out the storage container directly. One of the significant advantages of this style is having access to your items when you want.

Unfortunately, the limitations of this are you usually have less storage space and these facilities are easier for thieves to access typically. Self-storage facilities also typically use outdated locks, or you supply your own lock. The basic lock on many self-storage sites can be opened with a bolt cutter so your goods can easily be taken. 

What to look for in storage facilities?

Now that you know the types of storage facilities and their benefits, you will want to know what to look for. Here are some of our recommendations to help you choose a reliable place to store your goods when moving.

Years of experience 

Mistakes appear in any industry. Unfortunately, this could mean losing or having expensive and even potentially invaluable items damaged. With more experience, comes greater attention to detail and arguably better levels of training. Additionally, if a business has a long history in this industry, it will be because they rarely have any stored items lost or damaged.

Reliable CCTV

CCTV is an active deterrent to theft. Not only does it stop thieves from attacking but in the rare situation it does occur, it helps the police track them down. The better the CCTV coverage and equipment is at a storage facility, the safer it will be. 

Good reviews

Reviews are great for seeing the quality you can expect for your relocation storage. It can also show you any issues previous clients have faced and how they have handled them afterwards.

Brycelands removals storage and other services 

Not only do we provide storage solutions but we can help you with our packing services. If you still need help, our experts can be reached on 01462 675 555 and can provide you with more information.