Whichever way you look at it, moving house will always rank right up there with the most stressful events and processes in life. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

There’s really no upheaval quite like it – the logistics of taking everything you own and transplanting it into another property are simply mind blowing. Indeed, residential removals can be testing to say the least, but there are various ways and means by which the stress and complication of the move can be brought down to absolute minimums.

Sourced from the most experienced and professional removal services Hertfordshire has to offer, here’s a quick overview of just a few tips for reducing the stress of moving house:

1.Plan Ahead

There’s really nothing more important when it comes to moving house than forward planning. No matter how you think things are going to go, it never quite pans out as planned which means the more time you have to take care of things, the better.


Never forget that whichever way you choose to go about the move, there will be certain unavoidable costs. The very last thing you want to do is find yourself in a position where cash reserves are depleted half way through the process, so be sure to budget wisely.


If at all possible, try to avoid setting concrete deadlines and don’t be tempted to script something of a moving plan you have to follow to the letter. The reason being that it will be necessary at various points along the way to change your plans and make allowances for the unexpected, meaning a good degree of flexibility is essential.


Don’t think for one moment that you will be able to keep a mental record of everything you need to do, everything you have done and of course, everything you have forgotten to do. The single most valuable weapon in your arsenal will be your comprehensive moving checklist which should be followed and referred to every step of the way.

5.Hire the Pros

Last up, perhaps the single most effective strategy of all when it comes to reducing the stress of moving house is to bring in the professionals to offer a helping hand. What’s more, when you factor in the costs of everything you would need to go about the move manually, it can actually work out more cost effective to bring in a professional removals team and have them lighten the load and speed up the process exponentially.

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