Many businesses are operating a hybrid working policy, and the pandemic has left people with a degree of uncertainty as to how work from home policies will last.

Whether you are entirely working from home or hybrid working, you deserve a functional and appealing workspace at home. Although you can buy many useful items for your home office, consider making a few initial adjustments to your current setup.

To help you, we have completed a list of inexpensive and simple tips designed to help you optimise your home office.

1. Raise your monitor or laptop

Your eyes should be level with the top of the screen when you look at your computer. However, the screen or monitor is usually too low. This can cause neck pain from hunching over. 

There are a few simple solutions to this issue. If you have a monitor or desktop computer, you can add a few books under the base to raise the height. If you have a laptop, you may need a little more equipment, like a laptop stand, an external keyboard and a mouse. However, ensure not to type on the laptop’s keyboard whilst the device is on a stand; this could cause injuries to your shoulders and wrists.

2. Tidy up your cables

Tangled cables are both ugly and distracting. However, when we have monitors, laptops, printers and everything else in a home office that needs power, tangled cables are difficult to avoid. So, we advise setting aside time to detangle and unplug your cables and purchase a couple of inexpensive materials such as zip ties to help organise them.

3. Buy a candle

Placing an inexpensive candle on your desk can contribute towards a more zen working environment, helping you to reduce any stress work may be causing you. 

You can also add a few drops of essential oil to a cup of hot water. If you believe in aromatherapy, certain smells such as lavender can make you feel calm and happy. 

4. Add plants

Don’t underestimate the power of nature. Buying plants for your home office can make a massive difference. Studies have shown that proximity to nature, including office plants, positively affect you as plants both decrease stress and boost productivity.

5. Declutter your office

Ensuring that your office is clutter-free when working from home is essential. Decluttering can help you concentrate better, reduce stress levels and improve productivity. In addition, it can also create more space in your office.

So, think about the items you need to keep in your home office and dispose of anything you deem unnecessary. You can even place things you think you may need in the future into storage. 

If you are decluttering your workspace and looking to place items in storage, Brycelands can help. We offer a range of removals and storage services, covering domestic removals, business and office relocation, and comprehensive packing and storage solutions. 

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