When you move house, there are so many things to think about and plan for.

One factor that tends to dominate the thought process is how you are going to change your address with essential services like the NHS, especially if you are undergoing active treatment interventions and regular appointments. Thankfully, the process is simple, and you have a few options to play with as well. 

How to Change Address with the NHS

When you move, it is time to update the details on your NHS record. This process is straightforward enough and things like your email address and phone number can be done through the NHS app. The first step is to log in to your account or set it up if you haven’t already. The process of setting up your app is simple enough to follow and should be activated with minimal problems if you can provide a few details like your NHS number and verify your identity. 

What Next?

Once you are logged in, here’s what you need to know next. Firstly, click on the button that says ‘More’. This will open a screen where you are presented with a few options. Select the choice that says ‘Account and Settings’ and it is here where you will find access to change or update your details. Press through to contact details and update the relevant section to update your address. This will update your medical records everywhere. 

Is There Another Way?

If you don’t have access to a smartphone or prefer not to do things online, there is an alternative to use as well. Go into your existing GP practice and ask for a form to update your address details. Once you hand this in, the administration team will update your records on your behalf, and this will be reflected in all future correspondence. 

Can You Stay with Your Previous GP Practice After Moving House?

Technically, it is possible to continue receiving care and appointments at your usual GP practice if you do not feel mentally prepared to make a switch. You may be concerned that your ongoing treatment will be disrupted if you change care providers, and this is understandable. Find peace of mind knowing that you are not obligated to move doctors just because you move house. 

A Few Other Tips for Moving House

Now that the problem is resolved, here are a few other tips for moving from our reliable moving company here at Brycelands. 

  • Don’t forget to also update your address with utility companies and banks. 
  • Never leave packing to the night before the movers are scheduled to come. 
  • Arrange childcare in advance. 
  • Look after your mental health, since moving is a stressful time. 
  • Make sure all the major repair jobs are finished before you move in. 

It is understandable that you may be worried about how your NHS service would be interrupted and affected by moving house. Fortunately, you are not going to be forced out of your usual care arena. There is a good chance that if a GP has been treating you already, they will want to continue this anyway. Use the app or do it in person, since it is easy and quick. 

One of the top tips we can give is to get a reliable moving company, luckily we can help at Brycelands if you are moving to Essex or Hertfordshire.

Get in touch with our friendly team and find out how we can help you with the perfect move!