How moving house can effect your children 

Children are often look forward to moving house. The idea of new discoveries , a new room can bring a lot of excitement, however it can be an emotional rollercoaster at times.  Children can resist the idea of moving home becoming fearful and sad, this can dampen your own mood also.

Moving effects all of us a lot even when excited there can be uncertainty , the unknown, taken out of our comfort zone. Getting used to a new lifestyle adapting to the new environment can be difficult so patience with your child is important. New schools are often on the cards, new friends on the horizon, the loss of old friends it is completely natural to feel stressed and it will pass.

How you can make the move smoother for children 

New neighbours and contacts 
Encourage your child to make new contacts, introduce yourself and them to neighbours with children to make new connections. 

New fun places to discover
Show your children the fun new places to discover, parks playgrounds, sport grounds where they can meet other children and interact. 

Throw a party
A housewarming party for your children can be a great idea, invite neighbours, families and children who attend / will attend their new school, children quickly make new friends and the new sense of belonging will go a long way to calming your children.

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