Naturally, when you plan to move home, you will want to know how long it takes. Although it is difficult to provide an exact quotation without seeing the number of personal belongings including furniture, white goods and removable fittings, it might still be possible to give an approximate indication. Much depends on the size of the property and the efficiency of your removal company.

If you are moving home soon and would like an estimate of the time needed, read on. Below, our experts reveal how long your type of removal could take, along with some other important considerations.

Property size

In line with the number of belongings, the size of the home is a crucial factor when moving. Typically, for a one-bedroom flat, around three or four hours is necessary. With two bedrooms and extra furniture, you might need to allow five hours, depending on which floor the old and new homes are on.

In contrast, moving from a two-bedroom house could take up to six or seven hours to load and transport all the goods. Of course, moving the contents of a three-bedroom home will take a little longer.

Here is a helpful table that shows how long a good removal company will take to load and transport a house’s contents depending on the number of bedrooms. These are all estimates and we would recommend that you receive a quote based on a visit if you have more than 2 bedrooms:

Number of bedrooms Time for removal
1 (flat) 3-4 hours
2 (flat) 5 hours
2 (house) 6-7 hours
3 (house) 7-8 hours
4 (house) 9-10 hours
4+ (house) 10-12+ hours

Travelling time

If the pickup or old address is a long way from the delivery to the new home, travelling between the two locations will take extra time. Suppose a considerable distance is involved, or the move is from a four-bedroom house. In those cases, two days might be necessary: one for collection and packing, with the second for the delivery and unpacking.

Logically, a long-distance move or one involving unusually sizeable or delicate belongings can take up to three days to complete. We suggest you contact our experts here at Bryceland Removals for further details, especially if you have a larger property.

Should you wish, secure short or long-term storage is possible, too. Whatever the logistics, our professional, friendly team will endeavour to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Packing and preparation

Notably, the above estimates do not include boxing up personal effects. Preparation is essential; starting the packing as early as possible will reduce stress on the day of the move. Apart from gathering as many items as is reasonably possible well beforehand, you might also want to disconnect infrequently used electrical appliances.

You might decide to opt for full decluttering, as advocated by lifestyle gurus who recommend simplifying one’s life and reducing possessions. Packing objects away can undoubtedly give a property a minimalist look. Depersonalising a flat or house in this way could also be useful if you are still looking for a buyer or tenant.

If you need help or are short of time, removals staff can help with packing, too. There again, you could combine a DIY approach with assisted packaging. Your removals adviser will offer a checklist of recommendations, along with suitable materials to protect breakables and prevent damage.

For tips on packing read our helpful packing guides:

Tips for packing food for your move

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Finally, in addition to the day of the move, you may need to spend time cleaning the property you are vacating – especially if rented.

Quotations for removals

For an exact estimate of how long your move will take, please contact our removal team at Bryceland. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements, provide an estimate of costs and answer any queries you may have.

Our team has over 50 years of experience working in Hertfordshire and Essex, so if you are moving to or from Colchester, Royston, Stevenage or any other location in the area give us a call!