Here’s a million-dollar question – does it make more sense to move house manually, or to hire the professionals?

The answer will of course depend entirely on who you ask – some swear by removal services while others don’t even think twice about choosing the DIY option. Of course in both instances there’s every possibility that the final result will be the same, but in terms of the actual process…well, it’s a very different story between the two.


For one thing, booking the most professional residential removals Hertfordshire has to offer means speeding up the process exponentially. Most people know exactly how long and drawn out the moving process can be, while at the same time understanding how preferable it is to have things completed sooner rather than later. With the right equipment, the right vehicles and a ton of experience, there’s no faster way of getting the job done.


In terms of convenience, it’s not until you get stuck into the moving process yourself that you realise just how enormous and disruptive the job is. If you think normal life can continue throughout the process, you can pretty much forget about it – things get put on hold indefinitely. By contrast, bring in the professionals to help out and more often than not you can forget about the vast majority of the work involved as it is done on your behalf.


Surprisingly, it doesn’t always work out cheap to choose the DIY option – you might even save money bringing in the professionals. This is because once you have factored in vehicle hire, packaging and of course the time you’ll no doubt need to take off work, it can actually end up costing you more to choose the DIY option.

Safe Transit

Last but not least, chances are you would probably prefer for your property and possessions to arrive at the new destination unharmed – a job which for obvious reasons can be easier said than done. Whichever way you look at it, without the very best transportation equipment, packaging, vehicles and indeed the experience of hundreds of successful moves behind you, you cannot realistically expect to transport and transplant everything with the same kind of safety and efficiency as the professionals.

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