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International Money Transfers

Brycelands Removals has teamed up with currency specialists FairFx to help you save money.

FairFX can offer great exchange rates and no transfer fees when sending your money overseas – they can also help you avoid high fees and charges that you might receive from your bank. In addition, they also have a leading currency pre-paid card which is ideal when travelling abroad.

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Simplifying Foreign Currency

When purchasing foreign currency, just a moderate movement in one or two digits after the decimal point can make a sizable difference to the transaction total. Our foreign exchange team looks after customers with the same professionalism as our colleagues in the international shipping and removals teams. If you are planning to buy currency, let us provide you with a quotation first.

Whether you require foreign money to go on holiday, send funds abroad regularly or make a one-off payment for £2,000 or more, we will be pleased to help you with your currency exchange requirements. With FairFX, you can rely on experienced advisers to keep the transactions straightforward, understandable and cost-effective.

Saving Money on Regular Transactions

When you relocate to a new country, you will probably need to convert money from pounds sterling into the currency of your new destination country. Ideal for organising one’s financial transactions during such moves, the FX team offers the backup of a leading bank and financial guarantees. Our customers appreciate the peace of mind and seamless service provided; some typical financial transactions we arrange for new and repeat clients include purchasing property and sending wages or salary payments to an overseas account. Remarkably, in all cases, there are no transfer fees or commission to add to the competitive exchange rates – the amount we agree is the amount you pay.

Significantly Cheaper Than Retail Rates

Because the foreign exchange service we offer you is significantly cheaper than the retail rates typically quoted by high street and commercial banks, you could be pleasantly surprised to save money on the amount charged and, therefore, the overall cost of your move abroad. Importantly, with us, you can also count on expert guidance and swift transactions so that your funds arrive overseas promptly.

Finally, we also offer Corporate Foreign Exchange (CFX) to help your company with foreign payroll and maximise your bottom line.

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