When using a removal service, tenants often underestimate the importance of communicating and establishing a good relationship with their landlord during this stage. It is important to create a good impression from the beginning because your landlord is in control of dealing with any issues that occur during your stay at a property. You might also need a reference from your landlord if you wish to rent another property in the future.

Here are some top tips on how to develop a healthy relationship with your landlord.

Be Honest and Communicate Openly
There should be a level of good communication on both the landlords and tenants part. From the moment you sign the contract, make sure you know what rules are in place while you stay at the property. If you would like to add something to your tenancy agreement you should state this before your moving in date to avoid any problems further into your lease.

Pay Rent Promptly
Being proactive and making sure that you pay your rent on time is essential to maintaining a good relationship between you and your landlord. Remember to always take into account bank holidays as this might prevent you from paying rent on time. If you do not pay rent on time it will reflect poorly on you and potentially jeopardise the relationship you have with your landlord; he has bills to pay too! We recommend setting a standing order to ensure that it goes out on time. You should also check that there is enough funds in your account to cover your rental payment.

Stay Polite and Professional
Conversations can sometimes be rather tense with your landlord, especially when an incident has occurred at your rented property. For example, the boiler could break, or a small leak could happen within the property. At times like these, it is important for you to stay polite and professional, this will enable your landlord to respond quickly and efficiently to emergency property issues.

Keep the Property in Good Condition
While living in the property, it is important to report any damage. If not dealt with by your landlord this could create a more expensive problem in the future. A property should also be kept clean, and a good tenant will throw rubbish away on a regular basis. This will ensure that the property remains hygienic.

Give Plenty of Notice to Your Landlord
There could be a time when you want to end the property lease before your contract ends. When the property lease comes to a close, you should communicate clearly with your landlord and give a few months notice to find a new tenant before you move out. You could even assist your landlord in the search for a new tenant for the property. Finding a new tenant is a timely activity and recommending a friend could help make finding a replacement much quicker.

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